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October 8, 2007, 10:45 p.m.

We got back yesterday morning after spending the weekend in Denver and Texas. We left for the University of Denver on Thursday and had a practice that evening, focusing mainly on our defense and passing. Friday morning we woke up and prepared for the game that night. We had an afternoon practice, went to eat pre-game, and then headed back to the gym for our match. Our passing and defense was our greatest improvements in our match. Denver took the two first games from us but we came out fighting during the third game. We gave them a run, but they took it for the match in the end. Mallory Deneen played excellent and brought a lot of energy to the front row. It was nice to finally feel one another get a little more aggressive on the court. Our defense had some big plays.

On Saturday we woke up and flew from Denver to Dallas to get ready for Sunday's match against North Texas. Sunday morning we woke up and watched some game video- some from our match against Denver and then some of North Texas to scout their main hitters. Our match began with a weak game one and two. We did not come out hard at all. We let them take over those games too much. Third game we finally came out swinging and more aggressive but it was too late. Our closest game ended with North Texas taking the match.

We saw a high point and a low point this weekend in our play. Coming out with aggressiveness is something we haven't really done yet and I think we now know how much that can hurt us. We have to come out in game one swinging and looking for the win right away. We have two more practices before we face Middle Tennessee on Thursday. We'll be ready. See you there!

Katie Arvidson



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