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Who We Are Wednesday: Rhianna-Mae Laing
Aug. 2, 2017



I am Rhianna-Mae Laing. I'm an incoming junior from Bradford, which is in Yorkshire, England. I've been here for around a month now and it's been great so far. Everyone has been very welcoming. The coaches and team are family to me, which is nice.

It was a big difference for me coming from England to America. Now transferring as I came from a junior college in Kansas. The areas differ so greatly. However, everyone here has made all the transitions a lot smoother for me.

Florida has been amazing so far. The weather is one thing I'm going to have to get used to as I've never been in this degree of heat, but it's nice to be in such a beautiful area, and I feel blessed to be here.

I can't wait for the season. I'm excited to see what the team can do this season as I know we're capable of a lot. I hope to see you guys at the games.

Go Owls,

Rhianna-Mae Laing #11



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