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Who We Are Wednesday: Alexis Cowan
July 26, 2017


Hi fellow Owls,

I am Alexis Cowan, and I am an incoming junior. I am from Bolingbrook, Illinois where many great names from women’s basketball have come from. I have been here a little over four weeks and FAU has been a very welcoming environment. The coaches and players have been doing a good job making sure all the new players are treated as if they are home, which is why I chose to come here over any other school.

Transferring from a junior college to a Division I school, for the most part, was a smooth transition. I think coming from a two-year school prepared me even more than if I was coming straight out of high school because I already knew how high the standards were going to be based off my experience at a lower level. The two-year school I came from was in a small town with not much to see and a Walmart that was the main attraction. Now being in Florida is a different experience because it looks like some place that you are only supposed to come for vacation with the hot weather all the time, palm trees, and beaches.

I am excited for the season to start because this team has potential to go far this year. I know what is expected of myself as a player and hope it shows on the court.

Go Owls,

Alexis Cowan #23



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