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Who We Are Wednesday: Jamaria Williams
July 19, 2017


Hey Owl Nation,

My name is Jamaria Williams, and I am a junior. So far, being here at FAU has been a wonderful experience for me. Just being around a different environment, a different culture. A completely different scenery from where I come from. I have some amazing coaches and great teammates. The support I have here at FAU is incredible.

It's also a more challenging program here at FAU. It's like everything has to be done well because there are people rooting for me to be successful. Also, just by being a part of the women's basketball team here, everything is to be done in a respectable and upstanding way.

I believe I made one of the greatest decisions of my life by attending FAU. Everything is just so beautiful. I never really paid attention to how beautiful nature is until I came down here to Florida and saw so many palm trees and gorgeous beaches. The reason I decided to stay down here in Florida is that I really just fell in love with the state. The places that I've seen so far really caught my attention, and I know that staying down here I could explore and see more wonderful things and places.

The transition from JUCO to FAU really wasn't a big transition for me because before I got here I knew what was going to be excepted from me. I can say that the workouts and the level of competition here from JUCO would be more challenging (but it's nothing I can't handle).

I can’t wait to see you all around campus and at our games this season!

Go Owls,

Jamaria Williams #3



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