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Quotes from Media Day at the NCAA Tournament

March 17, 2006

Nashville, TN ---Head Coach Chancellor Dugan and players; Missy Glaser, Amanda Bulin, and Shontavia Williams addressed the media at Vanderbilt's Memorial Gym before practice on Wednesday afternoon.

Florida Atlantic Quotes:

Coach Dugan

On sticking together...

"I told the girls after we won (the conference title) that no other team has gone through as much as we have, with the exception of LSU who was also misplaced (during Katrina).We're probably the only two teams that made it to the final 64 that went through the hurricane. Everything that we've had to go through is on our minds as we are playing. I've told them how proud I am of them and that we can hang tough and hang together.

On being ready to play...

"I think we've got our team prepared. I've told them that we're not going to make history, but if you all will believe and trust in our system and stay focused and stay positive, that it's a 40 minute game and whoever plays the hardest and the best is going to win.

On LSU...

"They've got to guard us too. They are an excellent team and excellently coach team. We've got our work cut out for us. Probably 99 out of 100 times they'll beat us, but what if that one game is Saturday?"

On having depth...

"I tell them when I recruit that they are going to play. We play 10 solid every game. You're not just going to go in for a few at the end, you are going to contribute so be ready. We rotate them in and rotate them out. It's a good luxury for us. This is definitely the deepest team that we've had at Florida Atlantic since I've been here.

On the development of her team...

"The most underrated kid on our team is Shuteamia Brayboy. She's 12th in the nation in assists. Everybody knocks her for not having a jump shot, and I just tell people that if she had a jump shot she probably wouldn't be at Florida Atlantic. We get kids that might have a chink in their armor and a little weakness here or there and we just try to improve them over four years. Shontavia Williams couldn't shoot a 3-point shot her freshman year and now she definitely can.

Senior Forward Amanda Bulin

On her Tournament experience...

"It's just a wonderful experience. What we've had to overcome this year is amazing. To end my senior year like this is unbelievable.

On her dealing with Hurricane Wilma...

"We spent five or six days together in Daytona. Katrina was really bad, but no one thought Wilma would be that strong. It was really crucial. The time we spent together was really important in bringing us together."

Sophomore Guard Missy Glaser

On the match-up with LSU...

"They are strong all around. We know we have a lot against us, but we've always come out and play really hard. If you are a Division I team you know you're not going to win everyday, but I think we can shock the world."


Head Coach Pokey Chatman

"It's not really a different approach going into tournament play. It's going to boil down to basketball fundamentals. So you don't look at the seed but the quality of the coach, the quality of the player of that particular team and that speaks for itself. There are no little things. It's not the free throws at the end of the game; it's the free throws at the beginning of the game."

"I talk about scouting reports in basketball all the time. People think a scouting report is just defense. There is also a scouting report on offense. There is a script that we try to stay true to and neutralize some of the strengths of our opposition. I think they are a well-coached team, an opportunistic team. They are going to try and run the basketball. They have shooters that spread the floor. They have athleticism on the post and can run the floor. The one thing I like most of all is that they share the basketball."

"Emotions are up and down. I have our last basketball game to look to. It's that time of year where people don't normally focus on the game. There are so many story lines. The story lines don't really change for the teams involved. You are going to have a scouting report offense and defense you are going to focus 70 percent of the time, because that is what you can control the most."

Senior Guard Seimone Augustus

"The way we approach the game, we don't worry about seeds. At this part of the year it really doesn't matter. You have to be prepared to play whoever, whenever. It's all about being focused on a goal of a national championship. So whoever you play, you just have to be ready to play."

Senior Guard Scholanda Hoston

On being a senior: "You try not to focus on that but you can't really help to think about it. Everything you do is your last. It's the last chance we can go out as winners as student athletes. All the time there is a sense of urgency to execute. It gives me a little more importance knowing it's my last time out and there's not another opportunity to come back."



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