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Follow the FAU Women's Basketball team throughout the 2009-10 season through the eyes of sophomore guard Breana Turner and redshirt senior forward Breana Kone. 


November 13, 2009: 
Today is officially, as we (the team) would call, "GAME DAY"! We've been practicing and working hard and the time has finally come. Ever since last year after the loss in the first round of the Sun Belt Conference tournament against University of New Orleans, the coaches and the seniors have been talking about how hard we will work so we can get to the conference championship. We, as a team, and the coaches have all set that goal in our minds that we WILL play in that championship game. Along the journey before the season, there were many bumps and bruises, hard times and good times, even times that we didn't know where to turn. But, we stuck together as a team and came out on top. As of now, we are not where we want to be and there are a lot of things that we still need to work on as a team to be complete, but I believe we are on the right track and we can't do anything else but get better.

November 15, 2009:
GAME DAY!!! Every game day we have to yell it when greeting the coaches in the morning so we feel it's necessary to start this blog off with it as well! Were playin Iowa State today and we are all so excited!  Yesterday we had a long flight and a bright and early morning practice to start it off with. We were all exhausted yesterday but as Coach Dugan always says: "It's tough on the road ladies!" We have to be strong today against this team and focused! They're much bigger than us but Iowa State's coach even said were a team to watch out for with 7 seniors and a lot of experience! We definitely believe we're a threat as well.

November 16, 2009:  Adios Iowa state! Hola NC State

Hello FAU Owl fans! Welcome back to our season diary! We played last night against Iowa State and did not play as well as we should have.  We started off the game right there with them but late in the first half we lost momentum and the intensity just wasn't there. Needless to say we all have a bad taste in our mouth but are ready to move on for NC State. Side note.... time with this team is always start off with last night we walked to this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, it was the only restaurant near our hotel in what seemed like a 10-mile radius!! NOTHING but farmland! But anyways restaurant was AMAZING and super cheap! My total bill was $5 and others were as low as $3! Plus they had the tv on playing Spiderman in Spanish so we could brush up on our Espanol! We're on the verge of becoming a bilingual team! Haha. Jessica Knurick showed off her bilingual skills by asking the waiter for water in Spanish! Also, Breana Kone, was in the fetal position early on in our flight to Raleigh, NC! It was really bumpy and some of us are scared to death of flying!  We are writing this blog on the plane on Breana Kone's iPhone! We have to sign off now bc our stewardess is yelling at us to put our phones away! Lol. Bye for now:-)

November 18, 2009:  It's good to be home!
Hello FAU Owl fans! Just got off the plane from a great win against Eastern Kentucy.  I have to say we are glad that this is the end of our road trips for a while and we are focused for our game on Tuesday against Kent State.  Sorry this is short...we'll ahve more details next time.  Bye for now make sure you tune in Tuesday night for a good game! 

November 29, 2009: Happy Thanksgiving! 
Hello again Owl faithful.  We just wrapped up our holiday tournament in 2nd place! Against our first opponent, Fordham, we showed some real improvements with more intensity throughout the whole game. We unfortunately lost to Ole Miss the following day with continued improvement of our intensity but we could not overcome a first half deficit.  
Side note...Interesting happenings with the gym this week! The floor caught on fire (literally) the day of the Kent State game, but the facilties crew did a good job getting everything ready to go and the gym was good to go for our game that night.  Then over the weekend in the championship of the tournament against Ole Miss there was 11:50 left in the game and the entire scoreboard shuts down! We had to continue the game with the announcer periodically informing us with the score as well as counting down the shot clock when it got down to 10 seconds left! Very interesting week!! Next game is in Breana Kone's hometown of Daytona Beach against Bethune-Cookman! Tune in all and bye for now!:-)

December 16, 2009: Back home in N'awlins!!!
Hey there Owl fans.  It is an exciting week for me!! I am back at home in New Orleans where I get to play in front of family and friends.  It can't get any better then that.  We arrived yesterday in town and as we were walking over to the baggage claim, all we saw were the Saints symbols and posters and I think the entire team was hating on them because we are still UNDEFEATED!!!  After practice yesterday we went to this restaurant called East of Italy and our waitress had a very special and unique gift.  We ordered drinks and she said she would "make our water".  After my teammates asked her several times what that meant, I finally told them that she is from New Orleans and that is how we talk.  They all think we talk weird and all we do is cast spells and voodoo.  After dinner, we were riding down Canal St. and it was funny because all of my teammates were asking me questions about the city.  I realized I know more about my city then I thought I did.  But anyways, we have shootaround in like an hour so I think it's time for me to get dressed so I won't be late.  TTYL!!

December 20, 2009: Refuse to Lose!!!!
Hello our faithful fans!! We have just completed a very successful six-day road trip with two games against UNO and LA Lafeyette! We now are 2-0 in the conference and feeling great! We had a lot of great times this trip, for instance, dinner at the Turner's house, players and coaches battling it out with a game of spades, and shopping at Riverwalk! Very long trip, but nothing feels better than going back home to your loved ones and being able to completely enjoy your Christmas knowing we're undefeated in the conference! Thank you for all of your support! Next game is December 30th at Georgia Southern! Until then make sure you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!!

January 6, 2009: Destroy Troy!!!
Welcome back Owl Fans!! Last night we defeated a very good Troy team with what seemed with ease! All five years that I've been here we have never beaten Troyand and up until las tnight we had lost eight straight against the Trojans. We've recently come off two disappointing losses to Georgia Southern and South Alabama. After last night however, we are 3-1 in conference play and are excited to take on LA Monroe this Saturday at 5 p.m. Sideline news! While in shootaround yesterday we were working on cutting and shooting and then passing the ball back to the next person in line. While Mariana (Byzckowski) went to go pick up her ball that rolled away Erica Caldwell threw a wayward pass that bounced very hard of Mariana's head!! LOL. I know that may not sound all too funny but the ball was thrown so hard and slammed her to the floor. None of us, even Mariana, could contain our laughter for the remainder of shootaround. Mariana is not hurt by the way, she'll be fine for Saturday's game.

February 4, 2009: Last long road trip!!
Hello owl fans! Great win tonight against UNT (North Texas). It was a great team effort with five players scoring in double digits! We did not play our best defensively which is evident if you look at the score, but we rebounded well and executed our offenses effectively to pull out this victory! Tomorrow we leave for Denver- this is the hardest altitude for us floridians to play in. For some of us playing in denver feels like the first day of conditioning - TOUGH! Special shotout to Allison Wade for making those delicious FAU chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!!! Thank you for the friends and family who came out to cheer us on on the road: Erica Caldwell's brother and Terri Stamps' HS coach as well as Allison and her daughters! Your support means so much to us! :-) Please tune in next game on February 6th versus DU and cheer us on for another victory!

February 7, 2009: 2 dub-yas on the road!
Welcome back owl fans. We jus left Denver after a great 2 game winning streak on the road. Last nights game started off close and then Denver took their largest lead of the game 17-11 with 10:33 left in the first half. Our girls were exhausted running out there due to the altitude change, not to mention the fact that we were also playing on top of their ice rink! After that small deficit we decided enough was enough and slowly chipped away and took the lead forcing Denver to turn the ball over as well as hitting our open shots. This team out rebounded us by the end of the game by 14 and we shot 36% in the first half to their 62% and 45% in the 2nd half to their55%! No one looking at those stats would believe we would come out with a victory or win by 14 as well. But we forced them to make 28 turnovers to our 8 and it was clear we showed more effort and desire for this victory. We return to Boca and enjoy our day off this super bowl Sunday to go back to work Monday concentrating on getting another dub-ya against lafeyette this wednesday at 7pm! Come out and support or listen in!;-)
The Bres: (K&T): Gooooo Saints!!!!:-) (Kone & Turner)

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