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Guidelines for Men’s Golf 2016-17 Tryouts

The Florida Atlantic University men's golf team will be conducting tryouts on August 27-28, September 3-5 for all student-athletes, both incoming and returning, interested in competing for a place on the team during the upcoming 2016-17 season. The tryouts will take place at Ocean Breeze Golf Course in Boca Raton. The times are TBA.

If you wish to compete for a slot on the team, know that the NCAA requires that only registered, full-time students may try out or walk on. Students must have a minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered full time.

How is the team selected?

1. Some players from the 2015-16 team
2. A few spots given to incoming student-athletes based on resumes
3. Walk-on tryouts: this year there will be 1 or 2 spots


- Mail U.S. Postal Service Regular Mail. No Overnight or Priority etc.—NO EMAIL
Coach Sands
7348 E. Country Club Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Please use the following tryout form checklist to ensure you have supplied all the necessary forms and information at the appropriate due dates. •


1. Contact Information Form (1 page) (You may exclude FAU address if you do not have it)

NCAA 10 Digit Registration Number

Incoming players must:

Visit this NCAA website -- -- and fill out the proper information. Student-athletes, with the assistance of their high school guidance counselors, need to submit the following documents to the NCAA:

• Up-to-date/highest ACT/SAT scores
• Final high school transcript with proof of graduation date on the transcript
• Completed form entitled: Request Final Amateurism Certification. This will result in a 10 digit NCAA Eligibility Center registration number which you will e-mail to Coach Sands (
  • This link is a video direction on how to request final amateurism certification:
  • In case the video cannot be played, please see directions below:
    • Log into your NCAA Eligibility Center account 2. Click My Planner
    • On the right hand side, click the RED box that says Request Final Amateurism.
    • The screen that appears gives you the opportunity to review the data that will be used to certify your amateurism. Please make sure this information is accurate. At the bottom of this page check the box, if you have read and agree to the statement at the bottom of the page.
    • Then click the Continue- Request final button.
    • An orange box will appear that you have successfully requested your final amateurism

• Also, after you have the above, make sure to submit all test scores and make arrangements to have your final transcripts, including proof of graduation, sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center as soon as possible after graduation. The NCAA Eligibility Center strongly encourages high schools to send transcripts through one of the electronic transcript provider services. The NCAA Eligibility Center accepts electronic transcripts from the following providers:
  • Docufide
  • e-Scrip Safe o ConnectEdu
  • National Transcript Center
  • XAP
2. Updated Resume (Golf, Academics, Misc.)

The following four PDFs must also be printed out and signed:

3. Apparel Form (1 page)
4. Personal Appearance Form (1 page)
5. Parent/Guardian Permission Form for FAU Golf Team Members Form (1 page)
6. Alternative Travel Request & Release Form (1 page)


- Mail U.S. Postal Service Regular Mail. No Overnight or Priority etc.
Coach Sands
7348 E. Country Club Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487


1. Fall Course Schedule

Scheduling/OARS -- The men's golf team has an OARS program for course registration. To meet the team's practice schedule, incoming players trying out must schedule your classes using the following guidelines:

• Schedule your classes M-T-W-T-F-S. Classes fill very fast so you need to do this ASAP.
  • All AM classes will need to be over by 1 p.m.
  • All PM classes must not begin until 7 p.m.

All students trying out for the team must be registered as a full-time FAU student (12 or more credit hours).  Students should follow all university instructions to enroll.  If you are a freshmen or transfer student with less than 30 credits, you should work with the University Advising Services (UAS) office for advisement and registration assistance.  If you are a transfer student with 30 or more credits, you should work with your college advising office for assistance.  If you are already a current FAU student, you should continue to work with your existing advisor in UAS or your specific college. 

Please keep in mind that you should not schedule classes between 1pm-7pm due to the golf practice schedule.  Classes fill up quickly, so please register ASAP!

Compliance & Physical Forms

Everyone (incoming and returners) must supply the following compliance and medical information forms. The medical forms must be totally complete and signed by a physician (MD or DO). Forms signed by chiropractors will not be accepted. All forms must be mailed and will not be accepted electronically.
Print and sign the following two PDFs:

2. Primary Medical Forms (16 pages)

• Tryout/Walk-on Paperwork Process (1 page)
• Tryout/Walk-On Certification (1 page)
• Assumption of Risk (1 page)
• Demographics (1 page)
• Full Medical History (3 pages)
• Supplemental Medical History Questionnaire (2 pages)
• Assumption of Risk (1 page)
• Medical Consent (1 page)
• Authorization for Prescription and Medication (1 page)
• Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (1page)
• Baseline Questionnaire (1 page)
• Medical Insurance Form (1 page) - must include the front and back copies of your parent's health insurance card
• History and Physical Examination Form—FAU use ONLY (1 page)

3. Physical Exam Form (2 pages)

  • This must be completed by a physician ONLY. At the bottom of the form must be the physician's printed name and contact information. Forms signed by chiropractors or non-physicians will NOT be accepted.

4. Blood Test Results

  • Needs to be conducted through your family physician.
  • You need to provide the results of a Sickle Cell Solubility Test as required by Conference USA.

All of the forms have specific links. You do not pick and choose what forms to send. They are listed in order of appearance. Failure to submit forms means you will not be trying out for the men's golf team. If you have any questions email


  • Along with the medical insurance form, you must include a copy of the front and back of your parents' health insurance card.
  • The bottom of the physical exam form must have your physician's signature as well as their name printed clearly and their contact information listed.
  • Make sure the blood test includes a Sickle Cell Solubility test as required by C-USA.
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