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December 12, 2007

Question from Wayne
Coach Schnellenberger
My son and I own a family restaurant in a small coal region town in Pennsylvania (Tamaqua). We sponsor a radio talk show on Friday Nights to promote the local area student-athletes and teams. Many of the local high school coaches call-in and we ask them general questions about their programs. We also talk about college and pro football. The first week of the season (August), I mentioned Florida Atlantic as my sleeper team to make it to a bowl game this year. During the season I kept our listeners informed on how your team was doing. I think it is great that you, and your coaching staff and players have made this great accomplishment for your school. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I know you have a very busy schedule. However, if you were ever to find the time to call in on a Friday night, our listeners would be surprised! We go on the air at 9:30 PM and stay on till about 11 PM. If there is no time, I fully understand. I want to wish you and your team the best of luck in your bowl game. I thank you for your time.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
All of us at Florida Atlantic are pleased you would select us as the up and coming team. You must be a real student of NCAA football. If you would contact us, we can set up a date to meet your schedule and to be a part of the broadcast.

ďTo Believe is to Be StrongĒ

Question from Steven
Coach Schnellenberger;
Congratulations on winning the Sun Belt Coach of the Year! It is surely well deserved. When people talk about "Commitment to Excellence" that is definitely what your program shows. I wish your team the best in the bowl game. Unfortunately, I can not be present for this historic event, but plan on being present for all future bowl games. Go Owls!!


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Our team including our varsity and scout teams along with the coaching staff, thanks you for your kind thoughts. I assure you that Iím quite proud of the group of young men who have elected to join us on our mission for excellence. They represent the best in college football.

Question from Neisha
Hey Coach!
Just wanted to congratulate you on the Troy upset!
The Owls are moving up in the world!
Now let's tame those Tigers and humble Memphis fans with a bowl win!

Best of luck! I'm proud to be an Owl!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Halleluiah...amen and congratulations. Thank you for being part of it.

Question from D-Owl
To Coach Schnellenberger, his staff and his team !

Obviously this program would be nowhere. Never even getting its wings, let alone spread and off the ground soaring high above the Sun Belt, if it was not for the man they call "The Voice", the legendary, Coach Howard Schnellenberger. His name and reputation alone created it all. From the first breath he breathed into this program, it was his insight, his dreams, his plans. It was him alone who kept it all alive, and made it a reality. After all who else could take nothing but a field of dirt and plant the necessary seeds to grow such a fine program. Only Coach Schnellenberger could get the recruits necessary to come to a school with no existing program, no Campus Stadium, let alone having to play their home games at what is nothing more than a high school stadium. Now we can all enjoy the fruits of his labor as we feast on his first harvest, and what a fine crop/program he has grown. Now for the best part, we can now turn the soil (build an On Campus Stadium) so we can grow ! even better crops. We all owe Coach Schnellenberger our continued support. Letís all contact the Athletic Department and request our season tickets to the new on campus stadium. There is no better way of showing our support.

Now let's GO OWLSssssssssssss ! Time to get ready for the Memphis Tigers ! Yes we can tame them tooooooo !!

Everybody give a Hoot Hoot !!

One more comment if I may what is all this "fledgling Owls program" crap that has been plastered in almost all the print I have read ? We are the fastest team to reach a Bowl Game. That does not sound like a "fledgling Owls program to me !!!!

Is it just me or did that ruffle any other feathers out there in "Owl Country" ?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you for your insightful thought out message. Your expressions to this football team not only well received but accurate. With messages like yours going out, there is no question the Owls will continue to soar. Letís not lose sight of the coaches, players and administration that have been the work horses in the plansí implementation. I have been quoted that our students have found their school spirit. They demonstrated this particularly at the Louisiana-Monroe game. The are alive and well and breathing on their own. I think we can say the same thing about our football team.

Thank you for believing

Question from Alejandro
Congrats coach ! You deserve this. I always believed in you. What colors should be worn for the N.O. Bowl ? Wouldn't be great we could create a big unity color wise ? Please try to coordinate with the athletics department and let us know when you get a chance.

Thanks again !
GO OWLS !!!!!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
There is no question. We are to stand in solidarity against Memphis. We are to paint a picture of solidarity for an ESPN2 audience on the only game scheduled on that day. We will send a most loud message in our Blue. Help us spread the word.

Question from Glenn
Coach Schnellenberger:
Congratulations for your teamís invitation to the New Orleans Bowl. Thank you for your voting Hawaii #3 in the Coaches Poll (USA Today 12/3 issue). I was surprised with how many coaches from the smaller schools have voted for Hawaii in the top 10 ranking.

As a graduate of Hawaii and student also at Wisconsin, LA Valley, etc., I do support Hawaii and feel honored that a number of other football coaches like yourself have thought highly of Hawaii Warriors. There seems to be a lot of detractors and critics out on the "Mainland" who downgrade Hawaii, its schedule, its conference, its football program, etc. So, itís a relief to find other support for the Hawaii team outside of the islands.

I will watch the New Orleans game and root for Florida Atlantic. I know you are a great coach from your Miami Hurricane years. I wish you, your coaches, and your team best wishes and a Victory in the New Orleans Bowl.


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
You can rest assured all of us who champion a 64 game play-off system are inclined and will support the up starts that are working like hell to do the right things to be perceived as a top team. Certainly, UM and Louisvilleís rise dramatically convinces me that a few well managed, well coached team can rise to the highest levels. We encourage that spirit.

Question from Jon
Hey Coach!
Congratulations on the Sun Belt win!
Hopefully we'll have a bowl win to go with it!
Question though... if our goal is to get into the Big East, shouldn't we be playing (and hopefully beating) Big East teams (other than USF) to show we can hang with them?

For instance, have we pursued a game with West Virginia for 2010+? I imagine that would sell-out since they're a team with a huge fanbase.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Your thinking is correct, but just a bit premature. Up until this year, we have concentrated on advanced training games that would bring us exposure, a great level of competition, and a high rate of return. Going into 2008, there will be no advanced training games. We have advanced to a higher level, a level that will allow us to compete and go head-to-head. At this juncture, all future schedules will be targeted for the future.

Question from Matthew
CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Sun-Belt! It was truly an honor and privilege to be able to travel to the game and witness the heart and desire of our guys first hand, who really showed a lot of courage on the road. We wanted to make sure the team knew we were there for them the second we walked in the gates. The performance certainly made the bus ride worthwhile. I could tell from the instant I saw they arrived that they were completely focused and prepared. It must have been a special week of practice, how would you compare it with some of your past experiences in winning big games either on the road or as heavy underdogs? How do we match up against Memphis for the New Orleans Bowl? I hope I can be there, Coach, we are still waiting to hear on the arrangements from the SGA who really took great care of us on the Troy trip. Thanks and GOOD LUCK.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
First, our team certainly is happy and proud of how you all have responded throughout the years and especially this year. Your deep school spirit was demonstrated against Louisiana-Monroe where you moved from end zones to help us shut down ULM. Our preparation does not change much for big games. They take care of themselves. The only time I may change is when we find ourselves in a superior position or with the odds in our favor. In those times I might try to simulate the opponents attack in practice to make sure we arenít overlooking anything. The team has responded so well, I canít think of a game they werenít prepared. My understanding is that Student Government has allocated money for three buses and that selection for the seats will begin on Tuesday the 11th.

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