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November 27, 2007

Question from Jennifer
Hey Coach S!
You're doing a great job! Hopefully we'll beat Troy and go to our first of many bowls!

I noticed a third practice football field on the new FAU Master Plan. Are they going to be building that any time soon?

I also wanted to ask a couple of questions about FAU merchandise...

I have heard several time that you want students to wear blue to games (blue for football, red for basketball). Which is great and you know the students want to support you.

But one of the problems with wearing blue is that the campus bookstore has been selling a lot of RED t-shirts and Student Government, when they make up shirts for the football games, they use RED as well. So the students wear red because that's what we have and that's what's available. I wanted to suggest that you sit down with both Student Government and the Campus Bookstore and tell them your desires to have only blue shirts for the 2008 football season and beyond. They could even say "FAU FOOTBALL 2007 SUN BELT CHAMPIONS" on them! I'm sooooo tired of seeing all these UF National Champions shirts -- want to see FAU Champions shirts!

Speaking of UF, when I came up to watch the Gainesville game, I noticed a lot of people had these huge monochromatic Gator head decals on the back of their cars:


Is there any way we could get those here at FAU for the 2008 season (or before)? I know tons of people who'd love to have that on their cars and trucks to show off FAU football!

Thanks for your time! GO OWLS!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Hallelujah…yes we have a spot for a third field. Before building a new track stadium, it was felt the third practice field would be an artificial type, now that the other is in place, there isn’t a need unless to accommodate the band. It is my understanding that at the conclusion of the branding study, that all logos were consolidated and that the colors are Blue 295 and Red 480. There is a university guideline on the web. We will evolve into schools who wear one color at all events. I’m sure you have noticed the trends at schools like FSU garnet, UF Blue, Kentucky Blue, Clemson’s orange, Georgia’s red and LSU’s purple. As for your additional question, I hope that we can produce and sell all of the merchandise that you see at the larger schools. Currently, you can purchase water with our label, mini helmets and other merchandise at Walgreens and at our campus stores.

Question from Matthew
Congratulations to you and the team on the big come from behind victory against Arkansas St. as well as finishing the home schedule with a winning record to keep our Sun-Belt title hopes alive.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme this year with all of our wins and some of our losses going down to the very last minutes of the game. Would you contribute this more to us underplaying our potential level for most of the game, or maybe to the resiliency and heart our team shows in refusing to give up? We battle a team like USF to the very end, but then also have trouble finishing off teams like Louisiana-La. and Arkansas St, teams we are favored over. I'm sure in part, conditioning plays a part in coming back late in games as well. As always thanks for your time Coach, good luck next week in Gainesville!

(and I'd predict us having a larger crowd then FIU at the Orange Bowl for the Shula Bowl game, were looking forward to it, Coach)

Response from head coach Howard Schnellenberger
In as much as we have five seniors and more than 90% return, we must realize the talent level of all the Sun Belt Conference teams are very close to each other.

Each game is a contest in itself and several things factor into the game. Obviously, it is great to score early and carry but to be able to come from behind always gives extra strength and experience as the next situation arises.

Question from Dave
Hello Coach,
I wanted to congratulate the team on all our success so far and an admirable showing in the 2nd quarter at UF. I drove up for the game and it was a great atmosphere.

In the first quarter, the feeling in the stands was that we were going to get shutout and embarrassed by Florida. Then the second quarter happened and people started asking questions -- "how long has FAU been playing? Seriously? Have they ever played UF before?" and so forth. They definitely got nervous when we were 28-20. My UF friends even text me in the 2nd with: "Oh my God, this may be a close game."

Then the second half happened and it was unfortunate... but I understood why you wanted to preserve Rusty Smith and company for our Conference games. I have to admit that I would have liked to put another 14-21 points up against UF in the 4th since comebacks in the 4th are our specialty. But alas, it is what it is and apparently we got respect for having the same final score as UF vs. Tennessee.

Which leads me to the real question -- from what I've seen our 2008 schedule includes four non-conference games (vs Texas, UAB, etc) to start it off and I'm wondering if we're going to play conservatively there as well to preserve our players for conference games.

It just seems like we'd get more national respect for beating Texas than, say, North Texas.

Thanks Coach!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I applaud your understanding of the UF situation. I guarantee that in no circumstance would we play cautious as long as we have a legitimate chance to win. When that occurs, regardless of how developed or established the program we will play for the win and the future of our football team.

Question from Alejandro
Alejandro Hello Coach!
Great experience at the swamp! That is what I call football tradition. What did Urban Meyers tell you after the game? I wish you good luck against FIU and Troy. Thanks for everything you do at FAU. WE ARE THE FIGHTING OWLS!!!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
In general, anytime after a game, regardless whether it is big or small, the words are the same: You should be proud and good luck in the future. It is not a setting for anything else.

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