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November 7, 2008

Question from Joey
I first met Coach at the Touchdown Club in Memphis when his team conquered Michigan State in the 1993 Liberty Bowl. We talked about one of his players (Herb Henry) so that shows how much he cares about them and interested in their development and character. He is one of the all-time best coaches and FAU is lucky to have. The evolution of the vertical passing game and the principles of a punishing defense giving the offense a short field with big play potential are obvious in Coach’s game plan. I am glad to see your new stadium coming to fruition and with the schedule upgrade and with some big teams coming in, I hope it gets you in the Big East.

My Question: Are there still any bowl game opportunities this year for FAU? What are the confirmed teams on your schedule for 2010? Thanks for persevering and continuing to build and persevering, you are an inspiration to many. "Courage is the Fear who said its prayers" "To believe is to be Strong"

JB Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
We are still playing for a potential bowl play. We need to take one at a time.

We are in the throws of developing the Owls football stadium. We are in the process of the contractor flushing out the materials needed to build the stadium. If everything goes right we will open the stadium the second week of September 2010 against Michigan State.

Future non-conference opponents include: Nebraska, UAB, South Carolina, Michigan State, Texas, and USF.

Question from Matt
Congratulations for earning us some revenge against ULM. We certainly owed them from last year and I hope beating up on them starts to become a yearly thing now. I agree with your feelings on the magnitude of the victory, do you see this as a potential turning point for what may still turn into a winning season? Thanks for your time, Coach.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you very much for your thoughts. Our game with North Texas on Saturday, November 8 is the first step in our goal to win out, thus making it possible for bowl participation.

Question from Jimmy B.
Hi Coach,
1.... I hope our stadium has red seats because we're wearing blue now (by your request) and together it makes our school colors. Plus you could see the stadium from the air and it draws your attention to it from I-95. Wasn't that one of the bullet points to sell naming rights... that you could see it from I-95?

2.... One last question: in the sketches of the stadium there is a large building on the south side of the stadium. What is that? Coaches offices? A team store? It looks like it might have little stores there even. Do you know what it is? Thanks Coach!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
That will be commercial space for the necessary services and retail. It is hard to say without exactly seeing you sketch to know. It could be a new arena, the press box, dorms or the retail space. This will be a facility that brings the entire campus together. But, I can say it is not offices. Our home will remain in the Tom Oxley Center.

Question from Tom
Dear Coach,
I went to the Troy-FAU game to watch a friend play and I was really disappointed to see that Freshman were not on the field with the team. I had expected to see them on the sidelines but was told that your policy was to keep freshman in the stands. Why? I'm an avid football fan and really looked forward to having a college team in my backyard - but after not seeing the kids I know worked so hard to join the team were not even on the field, it's a big disappointment and can only imagine how it affects them. Not a very positive team building policy especially when the other division 1 schools allow them on the field.

But I want to give you a chance to give me your perspective. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
We have found over the years that the players involved in the game are totally committed with what is going on on the field. Young men who know they are not going to play are less apt to be committed to the game. We need them to be totally involved or upstairs in an observing situation. Our football team recognizes this and though they may be disappointed at the very beginning, but understand that winning the football game is more important than anything else.

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