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October 25, 2007

Question from Dave
Hey Coach!!!
Heard through Ted Hutton that you have retired your famous FAU Stump :(

I, as well as many others, would like to request that you save it and (if possible) place it in a glass case in the Oxley so it can become a part of FAU football history forever.

I'd like to bring my kids to the stadium one day and before a game, show them the famous stump that our Coach used to stand on to tell people about our games.

I think it will mean a lot to future generations of FAU football fans.

Thank you!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I'm so pleased that you value tradition, particularly coming at the infancy of our program. The "Sea Grape" stump was most valuable to communicate with the students when they had big open cafeterias. Now, they are disjointed so a more mobile coach is more effective than one standing stationary on the now famous stump. The stump will be decommissioned tomorrow, Friday the 26, the day before the Monroe game at the Coach's Breakfast. It will rest in the comfort of our appointed Founders' Lounge. Stop by and see it anytime and that goes for any of the fans.

Question from Jonathan
Dear Coach:
I admire your ability and you have been around the game a lot longer than I have and you are surrounded by a very knowledgeable staff, however I have one question. Why do we not see you utilize the power I formation more so as to possibly control the ball and keep the opposing offense off the field.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I'm not sure that I know what you mean by the power "I" except that in some circles you bring your flanking back into the backfield and have a three-man backfield. For us, the "I" and its variations is a very powerful formation to deliver the power of our line and blocking backs in the most affective way. It also lends itself to great play action, both in the pocket, spreading out, bootlegging or just coming out naked. It is a great first down formation and short yard formation.

Question from Brett
Hey Coach,
You are doing awesome this season. I am a huge Owls fan. I go to high school at Stoneman Douglas right here in Parkland Fl - about 20 minutes west of Boca.

Have any of your coaches heard of our starting quarterback, David Noshay? He accounts for a vast majority of our offense, and plays a lot like Tim Tebow and Matt Grothe. I believe it's becoming the trend in college football to have a dual-threat quarterback and I know Noshay is going under the radar throughout our area. He would be look GREAT in an FAU uniform. He has done a lot to improve Stoneman Douglas' offense, which we now sit at 5-2 in Class 6A.

Thanks for your time. I'm always looking forward to seeing better and better recruiting classes each year! WIN THE SUN BELT! GO OWLS!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you for your detailed information. We do have assistant coaches in all the south Florida schools and probably know more about the local players than anyone. You know all nine of my coaches have home areas south of I-4 that cuts through the middle of the state. For that reason, they get to know even the most overlooked prospects very well. Thank you for adding to our volume of information.

Question from Mat
Coach I was just wondering what it takes to become a part of the owls football team. What you have to do as far as the walk-on process and the procedures as far as paper work? I played linebacker at the high school level and would like to try at the college level. Do walk-ons have much of a chance to become a part of your football program?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Any high school graduate particularly from south Florida who qualifies under the NCAA rules and further qualifies for the even higher standards of Florida Atlantic University could get a chance to be on our football team. Once you have been accepted, enrolled and attend classes at Florida Atlantic, we can give you a tryout. Each year, more than 200 high school graduates and transfers will come through the walk-on program. Obviously, selections have to be made so that about 50 both in the Fall and Spring could be on our squad. Players like Chris Laskowski, Ed Mathews, Cergile Sincere, Robert St. Clair, Kris Bartels, Mike Wilds, DiIvory Edgecomb, Aaron Sanchez, and a host of other who have been very important the last seven years.

Question from Tom
Coach, I have been following your career since 1984 when your Hurricanes led by Bernie Kosar won the national title and just wanted you to know that college football is much more interesting when you are on the sideline. I am a big Clemson fan but your teams over the years have been a lot of fun to watch. Thank you for your contributions.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you very much Tom for your kind words. It was good enough for Paul Brown, Weeb Eubank, Don Shula and a host of others. It has been my preference through all the days of my life. The system employs basically two running backs, one tight end, two wide receivers and a very accomplished quarterback. The quality of the quarterback will determine the strength of the system. So quarterbacks like Joe Namath, Steve Sloan, Kenny Stabler, Roman Gabriel, Bill Munson, Bob Griese, Earl Morall, Burt Jones, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Jay Gruden, Browning Nagel and Jeff Brohm, Jared Allen and Rusty Smith have been the quarterbacks of quality.

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