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September 21, 2007

Question from Rob
Dear Coach Schnellenberger:
Congratulations on your great wins over Middle & Minnesota. I doubt if you remember me, but I was the football beat writer for The Cardinal your 1st year at U of L.

As a lifelong Card fan, thank you for everything you did for the football program here. Every time I pass by Papa John's it brings back all the visions you had for the U of L program, and over the last 2 decades how those visions have become reality.

Since you went to FAU, I have become an Owl fan, and while U of L's lost to UK Saturday stung, a lot of the sting was removed with your victory over the Gophers.

I saw pictures of the new stadium on line and it looks great. I hope the fans at FAU realize how lucky they are to have you as their coach.

Best of luck the rest of the season.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you so very much, I watched the U of L/Kentucky and was not only surprised but concerned about the improvement of the University of Kentucky football team.

The development of the University of Kentucky program certainly doesn't match that of U of L at this time, but it was a great effort by the downtrodden Wildcats to get their first win in the last six years over Louisville.

Question from Matthew
Coach Schnellenberger,
CONGRATULATIONS to you and the team on the HUGE win on Saturday. Minnesota's defense was clearly unable to handle our innovative offense and the South Florida heat. Although we had a little more trouble in the second half, the defense was able to come through and make the big play when needed. Can we attribute, in part, the evolution and growth of our offense to Rusty Smith maturing into a solid starting D-1 quarterback? Our O-LINE also gave him lots of time and our receivers looked awfully quick slashing through Minnesota's defense.

There was big news on the new stadium as well, which has myself and all of Owl Country extremely excited and enthusiastic. What are your feelings on the plans, will 30,000 seats be enough once were playing on campus as our program continues to grow at this pace?

Thanks Coach, good luck next week at North Texas. CAN'T WAIT 'TIL THE SOUTH FLORIDA GAME AT LOCKHART!!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I'm very pleased that the university has given their commitment to the on-campus stadium. 30,000 seats are certainly ample for our inaugural year and for a short time thereafter. The important thing is that the stadium be configured for expansion as part of the original design. Incremental additions will suffice. Remember, it's better to have a stadium slightly too small than slightly too large.

Question from Devoted Fan
Whatever you did on Saturday against Minnesota...

PLEASE, PLEASE do it again against USF.

The students are recruiting hard in an attempt to fill up Lockhart. We want everyone that comes out to see us in our finest hour.

We're at home and we do well at home, so that helps.

I know USF is a Big East team, and a good Big East team now in the Top 25, but I BELIEVE that we can win this if you can.

- contain their QB Matt Grothe since he's their leading man
- a big, big problem... please teach your offense how to get out of leg locks... tacklers keep pulling receivers down by grabbing their ankles and we've seen athletes from teams like Oklahoma State are able to step/jump out of it
- fix the special teams problems from the Minnesota game

I'm finally proud of Rusty Smith's passing game. The initial outing against MTSU had me worried.

We NEED a Minnesota part 2, get our Big East win as well as our Big Ten win!


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you very much for your observations and advice. Your suggestions are being analyzed and, where appropriate, acted upon.

Question from James
Thanks coach for what you did at u of m. I still remember it and always wanted to thank you personally. The way it looks now you may have to come back and reignite the program. best wishes,
class of 71 U of m

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Fortunately, I received your e-mail after the U of M vs. Texas A&M game and will not have to worry about being drafted to coach the Canes.

It looks like Miami is in good hands and on the rebound. As we continue to develop our program, we hope to develop a series with the University of Miami.

Question from Dennis
We need YOU back ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. I'm certain the loyal Cards fans will lament the loss against Kentucky, but will stand steadfast and support Coach Steve Kragthorpe. It took over six years to develop Louisville's excellent program and will certainly take more than one game to detract from it.

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