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September 19, 2008

Question from Joe
While reading quotes from FAU football players after games against BCS opponents such as Clemson, Texas, Minnesota (2005), UF, etc. the players all have a similar observation -- execution. "That team executed great". "They weren't bigger or stronger than us, they just exeuted so well". Why are the players so awed by that? Aren't the Owls being coached to execute plays like the BCS teams?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Obviously, every team that we play the goal is to execute well. When you combine good execution with great talent, sometimes you get a multiplying effect. Certainly, Texas and Michigan State were bigger than we were and executed better than we did. Had we executed better we would have been closer at the end of the game. When we get into our conference play we will see great execution as well. We have to be better prepared and execute our plays better.

Question from Tommy
I don't understand why Polo is doing punt returns? I could be wrong but...he never seems to get more than five or ten yards on it. I know you have some talented guys like Blanchard, Morris and Floyd in your bunker who all seem capable of netting 20-30 yards on returns. Why Polo?

Regarding what happened at MSU -- first of all, great defense -- you said afterwards that one of the primary problesm was the water soaking into the balls. Rusty only got off four spirals all day. You had brought 12 when you figured you needed 50. MSU prepared by dipping balls in water and brought a lot of towels to compensate. Do you foresee us doing these measures in the future to compensate for soggy conditions? Will we be dipping balls in water and so forth?

Lastly, I heard a rumor that back at Miami, some of the players (like the WRs) used to be sent out to the Everglades to chase rabbits. This boosted their quickness and agility since rabits made quick shifts in direction. Is this rumor true or is that just urban legend?

Respone from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Urban legend. We spend a great bit of time simulating rain for our wet ball drills and we have practiced in the rain quite a bit. We have showers many afternoons in and around practice. In regards to balls, we will bring more balls because of this last game. It was the first time in 50 years that I have ever seen the balls getting as heavy and as soggy as they were. We will now be prepared for the next 50 years.

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