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September 13, 2008

From Coach Schnellenberger
Let me first say that we received several questions this week from people who did not include their name. It is my policy that I will not answer if a name does not accompany the question.

Question from Dan
Let me start off by Thanking you for the job you started at U of L, it's a shame that you were not allowed to finish that program. The reason I write is that I just read in the Cardinal paper that U of L turned down a chane to play Notre Dame, but rather decided to play Tennessee Tech. The reason given by U of L was that ND wanted to play U of L's home game at a site that held more fans I think U of L only has eight home games this year.) I know if you were here, you whould not have hesitated. I like your style sir, you were not afraid to play any team.



Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I really don't know all the details. If there was a sharing of the gate in Indianapolis, then I think you have to play the game not only for the national exposure but for a much bigger pay day then you can get at Cardinal Stadium. If the pay out was not 50-50 then obviously it would be harder to justify.

Question from Tim
Congratulations on the win. I'm looking forward to the game this week against MSU. I believe that the offense will move the ball well against MSU, but I am a little skeptical about the defense. Hopefully this week there will be some blitzes to kind of help the defense in pasing situations. My uestion is do you see any of the receivers capable of having a breakout season this year as Cortez had last year or will Cortez be the focal point now that Jason Harmon is done for the year?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I think we have several receivers on the team that have the capacity to be big time receivers. Chris Bonner has already begun to demonstrate his skill and performance. Lester Jean and Avery Holley have a lot of talent. Jamari Grant has come up with Harmon like catches and he is strongley fortified by Rob Housler. The combination of the two have made more plays than Jason did at this point last year. We are very proud of the receiving core that we have. The core that included wide recivers, tight ends, half backs and fullbacks. Having good receivers in all five postions allows Rusty (Smith) to read his progressions and to throw the ball to the proper position one, two or three, without great concern on who those receivers are knowing that all of them can make plays.

Question from John
When do you think the soonest possibility is of FAU leaving the Sun Belt? I'm not saying that we could go to the Big East or something but maybe a chance to go to the C-USA or somewhere else that can get the program better exposure. What do you think coach?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
We were happy and pleased that we were able to progress fast enough to be included in the expansion of the Sun Belt Conference. Without that quick move on our part and the acceptance of the Sun Belt Conference of our young program, we would not have been able to make the move to Division I-A quicker than anyone thought. After we have been in the conference several more years and after we have moved and are playing in our new on-campus stadium we will choose a time to make an important decision.

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