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September 6, 2007

Question from Adam
AWESOME win on Saturday! Thanks for giving the fans hope to win the Sun Belt title this year!

I know the stadium is a couple of years away but I had an idea for a nickname once it is built and was wondering what you thought or if you had any ideas for a nickname yourself.

My idea is that the stadium could be known as


Other teams could come down to Boca to play in The Pride of Owl Country.

We the students, the press (especially Ted Hutton), etc have already been calling FAU "Owl Country" for some time now. At Orientation we told the freshman, "Welcome to Owl Country!" so they know it's our moniker too.

No hard feelings if you don't care for it. Just an idea! Thanks again! I'll be at the Minnesota game!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I think it is a great idea. Anything that suggest strength, unity and size should be a goal for this University and for the football program.

See you at the game!

To Believe is to Be Strong

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