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September 2, 2008

Question from Benji
Hello coach
I was wondering hwo the process works for settin up games betwen FAU and schools you've mentioned...such as when you said at the ESPN event that you'd like to play Ohio State in 2012...

Is it a passive e-mail offer like "what do you thing?" or do you make energetic calls to the other Coach and say, "let's make this happen because it will be great for our team!"

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
We would like to play Ohio State, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State and all teams that we haven't played at this juncture when we can fit it into our schedule and they can fit it into their schedule. It is always great to play competition that is considered to be better than what you are. Because that allows you the opportunity to win in an extra upward strada of your program. They also are made through telephone conversations or by hapanstance meetings with other teams where they might be going to meetings or things. Sometimes we talk to the decission makers. Sometimes we talk to those who aren't quite decission makers but have access to his ear. Sometimes it takes direct negoiations. Sometimes more people get involved.

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