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September 2, 2007

Coach Schnellenberger,
Congratulations on the big win over Middle Tennessee State, it was an exciting game and showed off the aggressiveness of our defense (big hits!), as well as our offensive firepower in the air and on the ground. Obviously, and especially after this win over the defending conference co-champs, I feel we have a great shot at making a run for the conference title this year. With the big upset over Michigan this week by Appalachian State in mind, how do you feel about our chances against some of the tough out of conference teams we play, such as Oklahoma State this week, or Minnesota coming to Dolphin Stadium in October? Thanks for the hard work from you and the team, Coach, the student body is behind you. GO OWLS!!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you for being out there and part of the great crowd that was so enthusiastic. It helped our playerís journey and helped them succeed. I donít think the Appalachian State win over Michigan will help the underdogs striving for greatness. Each of the traditional teams will now take a closer and harder look at their preparation for these non-conference games. We look forward to starting our non-conference schedule. It is the sure way to gain experience in the shortest possible time.

Coach Schnellenberger

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