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August 31, 2007

Question from Rasheed
Coach Schnellenberger,
I was wondering that after a considerable level of success is hard by the FAU football team in the Sun Belt, would you consider moving them to the big east if invited?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I think it is important to become competitive in the Sun Belt Conference and to challenge to win the league and go to the Bowl Game. With that being said, it is important that we eventually be able to qualify for a Bowl that will allow us to one day compete for a National Championship.

Question from D-Owl
The Palm Beach Post is reporting that North Texas has pulled out as UMiami's 2008 season opener and asks: "Could that create a spot for a first-ever game against FAU?"


Can we PLEASE nab that spot? A game against UM would be AWESOME.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I really agree with you. Playing the University of Miami at the earliest possible time would be a great game to gain a great deal of excitement for both the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic. We are in conversation with the University of Miami on potential future games and feel there is a real chance that we will play within the next five years.

Question from D-Owl
We do believe, and we are growing stronger everyday! Yes, we are young too, but our numbers are getting bigger as each day/game goes by. Our goal was/is to show you the support that you so rightly deserve. I personally believe that FAU would never have had any Football Program, let alone a Division One Team, had you not become the Master Architect. How can they hope to continue the Schools, and thus the Teams growth, if they do not even allow you to play on an even playing field? We need a Division 1 On-Campus Stadium for every-one's benefit, for so many different reasons. Wait, I know that you know that better than I, or anybody else for that matter.

So many of us truly thank You "Coach", as I do.

I thank you, We thank you, and our kids thank you !!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Thank you so much for your kind words. As our team grows in stature and experiences, we feel we have a good chance to qualify for the New Orleans Bowl Game.

In regards to the stadium, Iím very pleased that the Universityís Board of Trustees will be giving us direction on September 18th. Once that direction is determined, it is our responsibility to be playing there on or before 2010.

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