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July 30, 2008

Question from Dan
Bowden said he'd be receptive to playing us in the future! He's waiting on a call from you! Make the call!


Playing a team like FSU is good for us on so many levels! If we want to be part of a Big 5 or Big Six, we need to establish ourselves by playing schools like FSU!

PLEASE make this happen! thanks!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Bobby and I are in discussions. It would be a great thing for FAU and FSU fans to witness this game before Bobby retires. Our head-to-head match-up is even at three. My two losses came at Miami and then early on at Louisville. I look forward to the rubber match.

Question from Joshua
Hi Coach,

I was looking at the roster and I am certainly not optimistic about our chances at being successful in 2009. While we'll have Rusty, Jean, Harmon and other play-makers, we're going to be losing some valuable people (like our starting linebackers) on both sides of the line.

My question is: are you going to ensure that the second string guys and the freshmen get some serious experience this Fall so we don't get blown out by South Carolina and Nebraska next season? I have such high hopes for the trajectory of this team but at the same time I'm concerned that we'll peak in '08, achieve < 0.500 in '09 and thus lose the majority of fan interest that we need to open our stadium in a big way come Fall 2010.

What do you think? Can we reload without rebuilding?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Wake up stranger. We are getting ready to play 2008. Looking beyond that is inconceivable.

Question from Chris
Hey Coach,
I noticed that at Miami and Louisville you had a lot of success as independents.

Do you think that in this BCS driven world that it would be easier for FAU to succeed as an independent?

On that same topic, since its almost impossible for a non-BCS team to get to a National Championship would you prefer FAU join other mid-majors and fight the system or should we just accept it and try to join it?


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
What we should do is to continue to schedule a strong out of conference schedule. By defending our conference and doing well in the out of conference schedule we could compete for anything from the New Orleans Bowl on up.

Question from Eric
What is the status of the punters this year? Last year I noticed we switched punters various time during the year and did not establish the consistency one would expect from a top team.

Go Owls!

Thank you.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
We did have consistency. Peterson punted anytime the line was at the 50 and back into our territory. Groody punted anytime it was at the 50 and forward. We will continue with this rule of thumb until one clearly becomes the leader for distance, placement and hang time.

Question from Herman
Do we have plans to build an indoor practice facility? It seems like, with football season directly during Hurricane season, even if we don't get hurricanes we still get the rain bands. Then if you don't have the rain bands, you have the sweltering heat. I can imagine that practice has been tougher on players as a result of that and tougher on coaches if you have to cancel the practice. Not to mention the fact that recruits are more impressed by an indoor practice facility, especially if it's air conditioned. So is FAU going to pursue an indoor practice facility and how much would it cost?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
To be frank, an indoor facility in south Florida is poor spending of much needed funds. We live in the best and most moderate climate in the country. The weather in the winter is mild, the breeze off the ocean in the summer makes it easier in the summer and we need to be accustomed to playing in the rain.

We play outdoors, so we are better served to practice in the summer heat and the rains of August and September. To be truthful, I think it is a waste in Kentucky, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and a host of other places.

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