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May 17, 2010

Question from Chuck
I write to thank you for sharing your coaching gifts and talents in the way you have over your career.

Having seen the documentary "The U" on ESPN, I did a little "Googling" to read more about your career. It is a rare coach who can build programs like you've done. I just want to say thank you for using your God-given gifts to turn struggling programs into champions and even bringing non-existent programs into excellence, like you've done there at FAU.

Many coaches are content to raise their own profiles and then pickoff the plum positions for themselves. You chose a different path: turning programs into plum positions.

I heard it said of a great runningback that some players wear great numbers on their jersey while others create great numbers. You are a coach who "creates great numbers," creating and broadening football wealth for the "rest of us" to enjoy.

Thank you.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
I wanted to reply back to you regarding the compliments and comments you made concerning me and my football coaching career.

I'm happy to learn that you enjoyed viewing the ESPN documentary "The U". I was very pleased with the content of this piece of work, as it was accurate and brought back great moments that mean a great deal to me.

It has been a pleasure to have the privilege of coaching and seeing young men grow in their athletic endeavors. I am also extremely happy with my current coaching position here at Florida Atlantic University. This start-up football program has reached pivotal heights since the creation of bringing football to FAU.

So thank you for your sentiment and best wishes to you! "To believe is to be strong."

Howard Schnellenberger

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