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May 15, 2007

Question from Joe
Coach Schnellenberger,
A big Owls fan here. Great job you are doing building and coaching this team.

My question is, every year since the team moved up to DIA, one of the biggest issues is the size of the line. You read about it, hear about it in the media. There are some light guys playing guard and tackle. Is there a reason you recruit smaller players for the line? I know there isn't too much of a shortage of 300+ pounders since lower division schools have plenty of them on their lines.

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Generally, we are recruiting players that have a great upside and may not have reached physical development by recruiting time. We have a history of red shirting, so we have time to develop players both physically in skill. Our players are best prepared by their junior and senior season. Our lines have gotten bigger year-by-year since 2000. But, I do agree if you check at UM or U of L we were 10-20 pounds lighter than opponents, not only in lines, but all positions. As a result, we feature speed as our dominant characteristics.

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