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May 13, 2008

Question from Paul
Heya Coach,
You're known as a coach that fields pass-heavy teams that emphasize the importance of pro-style quarterbacks throwing to speedy, talented receivers.

However, with the forthcoming infusion of 3-star Xavier Stinson and record-breaker Michael Barasch, will the fans be seeing more ground attacks, like 50% pass and 50% run or do you just decide what best to do play-by-play during the game?

As I understand it, you spread out your running duties and so I'm wondering if FAU will ever have -- if it even wants -- a Kevin Smith-type workhorse that rushes for ~2000 yards. I'd love to see Stinson and Barasch compete for most yards in a season...


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Obviously, we taylor our offense to our most senior player and a basic pro-style offense. Both pass and run are viewed as equally important. The individual performance of a back, receiver or tight end will naturally gain the most play. This is determined through the offensive coordinator and quarterback. The objective is to win with the most number of players without giving up ability and production. Trends could change from game-to- game, quarter-to-quarter or possession-to-possession. All is determined by which is meeting the greatest success.

To Believe is to Be Strong

Question from Justin

Dear Coach,
I am writing you to ask for updates on the football stadium. Also, I would like to congratulate you and your team on the victory over Memphis. I am from there but, am very intrigued upon your success of building a program from scratch and doing it the right way. I have researched what you did for Louisville and have no doubt in my mind that FAU will one day be to that level that Louisville is currently at. I am starting college this fall and want to coach football someday. I would also like to know the best route to choose for starting that career. I would also like to one day join your staff after I have completed my college studies. Go OWLS!! Thank you for your time Coach!

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Our stadium is imminent. We are in the final weeks of completing the sponsorship and fundraising portion of the stadium project and are already beginning the process f selecting an architect and contractor. All of the above are part and parcel to our completion date of September 2010.

Football: If possible be an outstanding technician football player. One with desire, determination not only for playing the game but one who does in depth study of each and all assistant coaches and most importantly the head coach. Your best chance of entry through the coaching ranks is as a graduate assistant at a school where you play. If a graduate assistant position is not possible because of the application pool, an unpaid internship in any facet of football is an absolute to gain a future position in the general make up of the football team.

Question from Coach Z
I am a great fan of yours. I also had the privilege to Coach w/ Kirk Hoza. He too is a great F B Coach. I believe Coach Hoza has made a full circle w/ you. He was a graduate assistant @ Louisville and now your D C. What steps do you take in developing the next generation of coaches? What do you look for? What do like about working w/ Coach Hoza?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Your right. Coach Hoza started at Louisville as a graduate assistant and then went out on his own through the ranks of coordinators and then head coach only to find his way back to our program when we began as a defensive coordinator. He is loyal, dedicated, hard working and doubles as a sectional recruiter who has been very successful. He is innovative as it relates to the upcoming opponent and does a great job of using his innovations within the basic Owl defense.

Question from C.J.
Hi Coach,
Couple of questions:
1.) Any chance that our Owls (GO OWLS!) could play in Ann Arbor against Michigan?

2.) I thought Jason Harmon had a good 'breakout' year this past year, culminating in his being named MVP of our first bowl win against Memphis. Is there any possibility of him becoming a slot (Z) or 2nd receiver (Y / opposing)?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
He plays tighten, plays slot and plays on the weak side as does all the tight ends, backs and wide receivers who also play at the tight end spot. This facet often precludes getting tendencies and trends prior to games. He is our most dependable receiver even though he ended the year slightly behind Cortez Gent. Jason, like most tight ends in our offense has the most catches per game and per season.

Yes, it is possible to play in Ann Arbor, South Bend, Tuscaloosa, LA and any other historical place. Our long range plan is to play two of the above type games with the balance made up of eight Sun Belt Conference games and two C type teams.

Question from Darren
Hiya Coach!
I really like the caravan idea we did last year, where the cars followed the team buses down to Lockhart for the game. Any chance we could organize that again for the first home game? I'd love to be part of it. Perhaps Athletics could talk to Student Government and the Council of Student Organizations to spread the word. Once we have the official word, students will put it on Facebook so we can get as many people as possible.


Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Hallelujah, Hooray , and good for you. Great idea made better by the fact it comes from you and not me. We as a staff will support and augment your idea and make it something special.

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