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February 3, 2009

My apologies to those of you who have written in recent weeks preparation, traveling and winning a bowl game was up first, then we moved into recruiting and last week, I along with several of our former coaches spent the week in Texas preparing to the Nationís team to face and defeat the Texas team. For those who saw the game, Corey Small made the team, moved into the starting line-up with just two days of practice. His opportunity to showcase his ability was cut short with an early game injury. Frantz Joseph did make us proud and as the El Paso Times headline read ďFlorida Atlantic defender preserves win for NationĒ. Joseph was named the gameís defensive MVP.

Now on to your questions

Question from Paul
Dear Howie:
Do you remember me from UK? We took several classes together, including Dr. Jennings, American History after 1865. We got a B! I graduated class of Ď58 went into the Military from ROTC and retired as a Colonel in 87. Now Iím living in Germany with my wife and son. I have tried to follow your career, and by any standard, you have done great. Your handprint on the Florida program is one you can really be proud of.
If I get to Florida I will look you up.

Paul Sanders

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
Hello Paul
I remember my teacher and Iím trying to remember you but it has been a lot of years. I will take your word for it. Iím glad to hear you are following an old Kentucky boy around the world. You are right, Iím very proud of the work at Florida Atlantic. I hope to be here when we arrive at the national competitive level. Iím glad to hear that you married a foreign girl as I did. I assume you are with her in her home land. Stay in touch.

Question from Adam
How long do you plan on coaching? Will you be around to coach me in 2012? Also whatís your favorite drill you make your players run during two-a-days?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
My God is the only one that really knows that. I have put the balance of my life in his hands and I hope that he allows me to finish up what we have started here. As far as 2012, there are no guarantees but it could happen.

My favorite drill is 7-on-7. The passing game is the only part of football that can be perfected, with players alone, in the off-season. Of course they get their direction from the 7-on-7 drill that we have Two back, a quarterback, two wide receivers, a tight end and a center going against four secondary guys with three linebackers. You can work on individual patterns as well as combinations and defensive schemes. Great for the quarterback reads.

Question from Adam
Where are the camps? How are you supposed to see talented recruits in person and get the local boys involved with your program if you have no camps?

Response from Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger
We have been having 7-on-7 camps for years. We had individual camps prior to that. Now we have team camps and one day camps. The best way to stay on top of things is to continue to follow us at www.fausports.com, the football page and then look on the right side.

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