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Coach Wright FIU Presser

Nov. 25, 2013

On Touchdown Celebration Contest:

Yeah I wanted to keep the game fun for them.  Again our guys have been working hard and they’ve been focused.  We’ve asked them to be focused so I wanted to take five or ten minutes at the end of practice and let them celebrate.  We had that penalty against Tulane where a couple of our guys came off of our bench to go celebrate on the trick play so I have been on them about that.  We weren’t going to take any more penalties like that, but I did like their enthusiasm, and we’re trying to create some more enthusiasm around here.  I told them if there were no celebration penalties in the game that we would celebrate on Monday.

We are still working on the defensive guys but the offensive guys have to hand the ball the official.  They get no leeway so we wanted them to have some fun at practice.

On keeping practice loose:

The game of football should be fun and being in college should be fun.  We need to enjoy the process.  We’re taking this game very serious but I wanted our guys to have a little fun


On Keeping Focused

We have to remain focused; we had a great team meeting this morning and went through the history of this football game and what it meant.  Told them how important it was to our university because I know how important it is to the players here.  So we weren’t going to hide the fact that this was an important football game.  I told them the formula for success on Friday will be the same formula that we have gone out and executed for the last three weeks.  So we have to remain focused on that.  It is a short week it is what it is.  There’s no other profession that you get to take a nap everyday so the coaches got naps last night from about one to four I think so we got a few hours of sleep on a short week.


On the telling History of FIU game to players:

Well we had the history; Katrina had all the history of the game.  We had that documented.  We always go to Jared for a lot of those things as we’re trying to get our guys more acclimated or a better understanding of the history here.

On FAU/FIU Rivalry:

Yeah because everywhere I go in the state people always say FIU or FAU.  They always say “you have to explain what the difference is.”   So yes it is very much of a rivalry to me.


On seniors taking this game personal after the loss last year:

Well I think so, for Nexon he knows that we did not play very well a year ago and that has left a bad taste in our mouths certainly for our seniors and certainly for a guy like Nexon.  Nexon was really banged up and battling through that game last year so I know he wants to play a great football game.  We owe it to our seniors and we owe it to this program and our team to play our best football game on Friday.


On bad taste left after FIU game last year:

Obviously you’re focused on all your other football games so I think we pulled that bad taste back out this week.


On letting player focus on bowl eligibility:

We’ve talked about winning the right now moment and winning the week.  We can only control what we control and that’s Friday.  We have mentioned that our hopes and our dreams are all still alive so our guys understand what that means.  They understand what they are playing for but we haven’t use the bowl word very much around here.


On uncertainty of Coaching Staff after the season:

We are focused on the game and so in getting ready for the game I haven’t really thought past then.  In this profession there is uncertainty in this profession often times after any football season.  To be quite honest it’s not a whole lot different then has been for the last 19 years for me where at the end of the season you’re evaluated each year so we are just focused on the game.


On coaching staff remaining focused:

It’s unbelievable; I can’t put words to it at times really what this staff has gone through, what they’re overcoming, and the focus that they’re maintaining to get our guys ready.  We all as a coaching staff understand that this football team and this group of seniors deserve our very best.  They have put a lot of work into this thing really for the two years that I have been here.  We owe it to them to give them our best effort.  It’s tough because you have concern for your family and where you’re going to be but the time we’re here and the hours we’re putting in we focused on our football team and our players.


On how winning in-state rivalries helps recruiting:

I think it’s huge in recruiting.  When we won against South Florida it was huge.  We had some of the guys that weren’t quite sure they were interested in Florida Atlantic all of a sudden answering our phone calls.  So I think it is big any time you can have success against an in state rival.



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