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Meet Senior Demetrius Williamson
Demetrius Williamson is a senior DB for the Owls

Nov. 12, 2012

Football is a microcosm of life. Games can be a roller coaster. Seasons definitely have their ups and downs. I have been benched for being beat deep and have grabbed an interception to preserve the game. Through it all, I have kept my faith in God and know that is what has kept me moving on the football career roller coaster.

The ups are having the opportunity to obtain an education, with degrees in business management/marketing and economics in the fall. I have also participated in a bowl game, played in great stadiums and played in the FAU stadium opener, last season. I have also had great coaches, but probably the most important is the great friends, including my best friend and former FAU teammate David Terrell.

There also have been downs, like not getting to play as soon as I wanted to, not playing my best, yet, and of course every loss is hard.

I try to remember the roller coaster's lows are the shortest part of the ride and the anticipation for the highs take the most energy and the peaks are always worth the effort.

My Name is Demetrius Williamson
FAU Defensive Back



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