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Coach Schnellenberger Responds

Oct. 17, 2003

Question from Justin Kelly: Your linebackers seem to be pretty good this year. I see that they are kind of on the light side (weight). Do you prefer smaller, faster linebackers or big linebackers that can take on blocks and fill the hole?

A: The entire team's size will evolve as the program develops. Right now we are using speed everywhere we can.

Question from Pete Gillen: What 1A teams is FAU playing next year?

A: We are currently working on the schedule at this time. It is uncertain what D I-A teams we will play.

Question from Labron Wilks: I heard FAU will be getting new uniforms next year. Is this true? I believe new uniforms would be great for the program and will keep us looking good and new!

A: We have doned new uniforms for our move to the new stadium. Our equipment manager, Mike Short, keeps the uniform rotation schedule for us.

Question from T.J. Williams: I wanted to know how and when I can send my game footage to you? I know that you get tons of tapes. How can I be sure that my tape won't get thrown to the side and never get looked at? Thanks for all of your help!

A: You can mail the tape to us and all tapes are reviewed by the position coaches.

Question from Jesse Blake: Where does FAU plan on building a stadium? When? Capacity?

A: There are several proposed location, all on-campus. In the coming months, we will have a more definite answer.

Question from Justin Dirico: First off, great job. I flew down from NY to see the Texas State game (I shook your hand as you were walking off the field after the game). When FAU moves to 1-A what major conference (s) will you and Mr. Angelos be aiming for. Will the University settle for the Sun Belt of stick as an independent till a BCS conference offers a spot? Any news on a stadium date?

A: Thanks for coming to the game. In year to come, that walk from the field to the locker room will be something special. The new Director of Athletics will research our next move. As you can tell from the recent conference moves affiliation is critical under the new guidelines set by the NCAA. We will study the issues at hand and spend our efforts preparing for teams, facilities and fan bases so that we are attractive for a conference move. The stadium plans are currently being reviewed.

Question from Jason Allen: I haven't declared my major but I was wondering what kind of degree does a College/NFL scout or NFL agent have?

A: It varies. College scouts are coaches which usually, but no always, requires a master's degree. NFL is different because many times it is from within the ranks and a player might not have graduated before going to the NFL. Agents usually require some legal background.

Question from Evan Poole: I graduated from Plantation High School in 2001 and received a football scholarship to Kentucky State University (D2). I didn't return after my freshman year because of family problems. I have been at Broward Community College and plan to finish up next semester and register at FAU. I was wondering, since I only played one year in Kentucky will I be granted three years to play? How can I send game footage to you? How should I go about walking on? Thanks for your help!

A: We have tryouts each spring and fall. You must first make sure through an NCAA compliance officer that you would be eligible. Each institution has a compliance officer. After that, mail us your tape.



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