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Meet Senior David Hinds
Senior David Hinds

Oct. 8, 2012

Growing up, school was not always my focus, but football was. I had a very low GPA that carried over to high school. I ended up not being able to play football in high school through the 11th grade. I thought my dream of playing football was over and gave up on my dream, but I received a phone call. It was from a high school coach who asked what I was going to do with the rest of my life. He reminded me that I had responsibilities and a vow to my three little sisters that I would take care of them, and that there was an opportunity, but I had to improve my high school GPA. I was determined to get my GPA up. I spent the summer before my senior year in summer school. My senior year was my first opportunity to play high school football.

Coach was right. My high school diploma and ability to play football brought me to FAU, my only scholarship offer. I committed with my best friend Randell Johnson, who I knew and played football with since Optimist. We both had goals of playing right away. While it was a goal, I was surprised by the opportunity to play and start my true freshman season. I took advantage of it then and now that I'm ready to graduate and the guys I came in with have one more season, it makes me a little sad to know that I am leaving them.

As I get closer to graduation, I'm grateful to my high school coach for his words of encouragement. I'm grateful to the FAU coaches for giving me an opportunity to live my dream and play college football, and I'm most grateful to my mother, Karlene Gabriel, and stepfather, Marcel Gabriel, who were there through it all -- the good and the bad. Thanks for having faith in me. I hope to take care of her and my little sisters someday. And most importantly I thank God for the direction He has given my life, and the people he has put in it to see me through it all.

My Name is David Hinds
Four-Year Starting Linebacker



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