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Meet Senior Brent Harstad
Senior Brent Harstad

Growing up, the biggest influences in my life were my parents. Since the age of six, my father, Vinnie, has been my football coach. He played football and he passed on his love for the game to my two younger brothers and me. He has been a constant motivator, pushing us to be the best that we could be in football and life.

Once I entered high school, my Dad was no longer the coach, but you couldn't stop him from being my mentor. He has tried to get on the sideline and when he wasn't able to, you could hear him yelling from the stands. No matter how many people were at the game, I could hear his analysis of my performance. I can hear him telling me to focus and to get into the game.

While my mom, Jeanne, has never coached she is just as vocal, and I can hear and feel her presence as well. She has supported me and has been an active mom, doing all the things great moms do. She was the "team mom" from day one.

I play the game because I love it. I love to hear my family in the stands, their cheers and their support. I hear them and play for them.

My name is Brent Hartsad,
They call me "Hit Stick".



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