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Meet Senior Byron Hankerson
Senior Wide Receiver Byron Hankerson
Sept. 17, 2012

Meet #87

Traveled uncharted courses of the open seas.

Hard enough to shape rocks, but soft enough to cool cities. No one, no time nor place tells me when to go. I have seen my highs. I have seen my lows.

From tsunamis, to ripples, I'm the one to blame. Some say trade winds east or west but I don't prefer names. I whip between small streets. Stride across the countryside to cool the sweat on your shirt.

I'm hot, I'm warm, I'm cold, I'm Jack Frost nipping at your nose. I can pull your kite high in the sky and also push your boat. You'll want me on a hot day and curse me when it rains. I've seen America the beautiful and all her fruited plains.

And no man wants to use me to power their countryside. But I'd rather blow through your hair on a long drive. I do what I want from year to year ignoring every trend. What else can I do, I'm just the wind.

My Name is Byron Hankerson
FAU Wide Receiver



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