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Meet Senior Andrew Czuprynski
Senior Andrew Czuprynski

Decisions -- I wasn't making good decisions and I wasn't surrounding myself with the right people. It was my older brother, Josh, and especially my sister, Sophia, who pushed me to change. The change was playing football.

Football has provided me with the opportunity to go to college and earn a degree, but it was my decision that has provided me with the opportunity to play.

Following my redshirt season, a year that I drew a few starts on the "D" line, I asked the head coach if I could move to offense. He was a little surprised by the question and gave me the opportunity to switch that spring. It has paid off. The "O" line is more of a group effort and together with the right people making the right decisions you can open a whole for the running back or protect the quarterback long enough for him to find his receiver.

My Name is Andrew Czuprynski
FAU Left Guard
(26 consecutive starts)



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