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Meet Senior David Baptiste
David Baptiste saw action in every 2011 game.

Sept. 4, 2012

Florida Atlantic has been the perfect college for me.

As a member of a huge family, who are of Haitian and Bahamian decent, it is important for me to attend a college where I could be close to my family and for me to have the potential to play. I spend my spare time at the beach or participating in water sports. So FAU blends the best of both worlds.

Brent Harstad (fellow senior) talked me into trying out for FAU. I wanted to play and have faced down the biggest challenge by earning a starting spot my junior season. I knew I was better than a back-up, I just had to prove it. Initially, a scholarship was my incentive, but ultimately it's the game -- and I do it because I love to play.

My Name is David Baptiste
New FAU Defensive Lineman



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