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Weekly Presser with FAU Head Coach Carl Pelini and team captains Jonathan Wallace and Andre Kirk
Head Coach Carl Pelini

Aug 26, 2013


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Partial Transcript of Coach Pelini’s Comments

Miami Week
Carl Pelini:
“First of all it is a little different with the Friday game. We are fighting the same thing as most schools across the country. It is really the first real good shot of scouts. There is a danger that the scout team sets the tempo of practice. You really have to push your older team not to play at the scout team tempo but force the scouts to play at the first team tempo. That is always a challenge. It has been a challenge everywhere I have been. It takes a day or two to get the correct tempo. “

“As far as Miami, I am just one that has always believed in taking care of ourselves. We are playing a great football team and a great football program. Miami is a team that has a lot of depth. When you face a challenge like that it has to go four quarters. You have to be prepared to compete for four quarters. The emotion of playing a team like that or another south Florida team will only carry you so far. It will carry you a few plays into the game. You have to be prepared conditioning wise and focus in terms of your fundamentals in order to maintain a high level of play for four quarters. That’s why across college football you see an upset or two but you do not see a bunch. We have to be able to respond to the depth of their football team by being able to match their depth for four quarters. That’s our challenge first and foremost. The emotion will take care of itself. If this game becomes personal we are in trouble. It can’t be personal. It has to be about the fundamentals of the game and taking care of execution.”

Naming Starting Quarterback
Carl Pelini:
First college football game no matter who it is out there and they will all probably be out there at one point or another, on Friday. But, they have all played a lot of football. One thing you realize whether it is moving from high school to college or junior college to college, once the game starts it kind of slows down for you and it becomes football and executing the offense that we have. I’m sure there will be some jitters. But the sooner those jitters go away and they take a deep breath and just start playing football the better off they will be. That would be my advice. Let the game slow down. It is just another football game once the kick-off happens. Just rely on your coaching and your instincts and play ball.

How Many QBs will take Snaps
Carl Pelini:
A lot of that will depend on how the game is going. My expectations would be two for sure, possibly three. Again, they all have different skill sets and they are all very athletic. They are guys that you have to account for. They can make a big play with their feet and their arms. It will depend on how our offense is going.



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