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Coach Van Valkenburgh

Aug. 7, 2001

Question from Thomas Wilson: What division and conference will FAU play in? Also, I'm an ex-Rock player (85-87), so I will have to root for the rock come 9/1/01, but good luck this season...GO OWLS!

A: We will begin playing this fall as a division I-AA football team. We will make the jump to Division I-A status as fast as possible. Keep following the Owls. This is going to be a very exciting year as well as an exciting program to see grow.

Question from Paul Sardinas:I have registered for fall classes and will be interested in coming out for your football team. I will be trying out for longsnapper as I have been practicing for several months and have just completed a LS camp. When do you have tryouts for walk-ons?

A:Tryouts for walk-ons will begin when school starts on August 23, 2001.

Question from Deboy Daka: What scholarships do you offer for football players? Is your team of coaches planning to visit schools in Jacksonville this upcoming year?

A:We offer full NCAA scholarships-the same as Florida, Florida State, and Miami. Yes, we do have a coach assigned to the Jacksonville area and signed a player from there last year.

Question from Thomas Parker:Will practice this year be open to the public?

A: Practies are open to the public and we love to have people come and watch. Just call to be sure of practice times. For two-a-day practices we are scheduled to go at 10 AM and 4 PM. During the regular season we will practice at 4 PM.

Question from John Byron:Coach, I wanted to ask you about your background in coaching. Where did your connection with Coach Schnellenberger develop, was that while he was at Miami or at Louisville? Can you elaborate on some of your past schools that you coached at and what you guys expect to do your first season at FAU? What are some of the long term goals there? Good luck on your season. GO OWLS!!!

A:I just started to work for Coach Schnellenberger at Louisville. I have had many working opportunities including Colgate, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Maryland, Louisville, Oklahoma, Purdue and now FAU. As far as this season, we are very excited. Our talent is good but very inexperienced. It is a difficult schedule for a first year program but we are quite confident in how it will turn out. Our goals are to move to Division I-A football in record time. From there we expect to within 5-6 years to be able to compete with a chance to win against anyone in the country.



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