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Defense Wins First Spring Game under the Direction of Lane Kiffin, 62-33
April 22, 2017

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Florida Atlantic University football concluded the 2017 Spring season with the annual Red/White game, which was held in FAU Stadium. The defense, which used the home locker room roamed the field from the home sideline, used the modified scoring system, and took the game 62-33.


Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin

Opening Remarks:

Overall thoughts:

"Pretty successful day from a health standpoint, which in these games unfortunately a lot of times is the number one thing you want to come out with. As much as you want to see guys tackle and play, we've all been a part of those spring games where you lose a significant player and the whole thing feels like it was useless, so that was good. I thought the guys' energy was good. They really had a lot of excitement. It was good to get out in the stadium and have some fans. Hopefully they enjoyed what they saw."


On the defense:

"I thought the defense played really well. Obviously, the first half was live, game-like, and I am proud of our defense. I want to say that after the first week we were here and the first week of spring practice it was a major concern. I'm not saying we're there yet, but I am proud of our coaches and our players because the defense was much better these last couple Saturdays than they were the first couple practices of the spring."


On the offense:

The offense hurt themselves with some costly penalties. They put themselves in some bad situations, some third and shorts and knocked them out. Then that pick play down in the end zone hurt them. I thought (Jason) Driskel played really well. He did some things. De'Andre's (Johnson) day was a little more up and down, which was a little disappointing because he has had a really good week or week and a half here. We will go back and look at the film. I am not going to make any big statements because you learn film is never as good as it seems or as bad as it seems. I am sure we will go back and think differently once we watch film on some certain subjects."




Offense scored in the traditional fashion


Defensive scoring

  • Touchdowns were worth six points
  • Three and outs were worth five points
  • Drive stops worth three points
  • Fumble Recovery worth three points
  • Interceptions were worth three points
  • A total of four interceptions were recorded and the rest of the scoring came via drive stops and three and outs


Next Up

FAU will open its 2017 season at home when the Owls play host to Navy on Friday, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. in FAU Stadium. For season tickets call 1-866-FAU-Owls





Jason Driskel 19-25, 344 yards
De'Andre Johnson 8-15, 83 yards, INT
Steven Frank 4-10, 14 yards, 1 T, 2 INT
Joshua Cartwright 1-2, 0 yards
Trent Wessel 3-3, 56 yards

Receiving -- Rec.-Yds

Brandon Robinson - 4-108
Kyle McGriff - 1-1
Robert Ball - 1-5
Henry Bussey, III - 4-60, 2 TD
Bobby Mitchell - 4-27
Kamrin Solomon - 5-50, TD
Nate Terry - 2-15
James Brunson - 1-16
Devin Singletary - 3-24
Dominic Milanese - 1-11
John Mitchell - 1-25
Kalib Woods - 2-46
Marcus Clark - 1, -2

Rushing -- Att-Yds

Devin Singletary - 7-52, TD
Marcus Clark - 5-37
Gerald Hearns - 3-20
Jason Driskel - 7-10
Kerrith Whyte, Jr. - 2-9
De'Andre Johnson - 5-2
Gregory Howell, Jr. - 1-2
James Charles - 4- -1
Kamrin Solomon -- 1- -3
Robert Ball - 1- 2
Joshua Cartwright - 1-0
Kyle McGriff - 3-4



Rashad Smith - 9 tackles, sack
Hosea Barnwell - 8 tackles
Damian Horton - 7 tackles
Jordan Helm - 6 tackles
Jacoby Blackmon - 5 tackles, sack
Quran Hafiz - 5 tackles
Jesse Howanitz - 5 tackles
Shelton Lewis - 4 tackles
Andrew Soroh - 4 tackles
Haiden Nagel - 4 tackles
Korel Smith - 4 tackles, INT
Josh Kendall - 3 tackles, sack
Leighton McCarthy - 3 tackles, sack
Ocie Rose - 2 tackles, INT
Anthony Bennett - 2 tackles, sack
Raekwon Williams - 2 tackles
Da'Von Brown - 2 tackles
Richie Kittles - 2 tackles
Jake Stoshak - 2 tackles
Herb Miller - 2 tackles
DaiKwon Fuse - 1 tackle, sack
Jacob Pino - 1 tackle
Roland Collins - INT
Collin Dell - 1 tackle
Kevin Fiddis - 1 tackle
Jacob Douglas - 1 tackle, sack
William Davis - 1 tackle
Steven Leggett - 1 tackle, sack
Kevin McCrary - 1 tackle
Chris Tooley - 1 tackle



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