FAU Football Players Join Calusa Elementary At Their Awards Banquet

April 5, 2002

On Friday, April 5th, 3 FAU Football Players went to Calusa Elementary to congratulate honor roll students on making and keeping such good grades. While the players were there, they signed autographs, sang and danced with some of the students, took pictures and spoke to the kids about education and setting goals.

FAU Athletics and Calusa Elementary together.

Jared, George and Eric...great examples to the students.

Garrett Jahn handing out t-shirts.

These guys just love the kids!!!

Jared Allen and Eric Harper answering some questions.

George, Eric and Jared are all smiles with a Calusa Elementary Honor Roll Student.

Jared speaking to the students about education.

Can you find the FAU Football Players?

There will always be laughs and a good time with George, Jared and Eric on hand.

Eveyone is all smiles.

FAU Football Players enjoying the stage with the elementary kids.

Harper, Allen and Guffey shake hands with the honor students.