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Coach Schnellenberger Responds

Jan. 23, 2001

Welcome to, the Official Web Site of Florida Atlantic University Athletics, and "Ask An Owl," your direct link to Florida Atlantic student-athletes and coaches.

Our next guest is Sidney Green, men's basketball coach.

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Coach Schnellenberger's Responses
Question from Carlos L. Ramon: I'm interested in joining your football team, I'm currently playing for Ferrum College in Virginia, I'm a red-shirt freshman. Will you be having tryouts this spring?

A: Carlos, under NCAA rules and regulations our coaching staff is not permitted to discuss our football program with players currently enrolled at other institutions. You need to speak with your coach. Ask him for a release to speak with each specific university and then we will be permitted to talk with you. Please know that all universities have tryouts, but each school's needs may vary.

Question from Sean Clark: Now that we have a year of scrimmages behind us, how about some stats? Some of us are dying to know who performed, who made the big plays and who showed improvement.

A: We played a full schedule of scrimmage games. I'm sure you followed the progress on the web site. If not, you can look in the football archives to see individual game highlights. Offensively, quarterbacks Jahn, Allen and Fernandez received the majority of snaps. Jahn threw five Tds and averaged seven yards a pass. Allen threw two touchdowns and averaged 6.5 yards. Fernandez tossed three TDs and averaged six yards a pass. Running the ball James led the squad with seven touchdowns, six yards a carry and a total of 542 yards on the season. Doug Parker averaged 5.4 yards, scored four times and ran for 391 yards. Thomas Parker caught five touchdowns, averaged 20.7 yards a catch and totaled 496 yards. I hope this answered your questions and that you will find a fun offense to watch in September.

Question from Steve Brandt: Who does the football team open with and where?

A: The Big Bad Burley Birds will kick off the season 4 pm, September 1 versus Slippery Rock University at Pro Player Stadium. Tickets and ticket packages will go on sale February 8. February 7th is the national signing day and will mark the signing of our second class. We will announce the newest additions to the program, the schedule and the ticket plans. You can follow up through the newspapers, you can call 561-297-2001 or you can buy your ticket through

Question from Joseph Foster: I'm an Owl supporter. I saw a t-shirt that read..."BIG BAD BURLY BIRDS" promoting FAU football. Will this shirt be available?

A: Yes, we can sell you the shirts. Make prior arrangements to pick it up by calling 561-297-2001 or we will be selling the shirts online very shortly.

Question from Mike Engerman: When are you going to release the 2001 football schedule?

A: Mike, as you know we will play Slippery Rock University 4 pm, September 1 at Pro Player Stadium. We will release the remaining schedule February 7th and we will have it posted on this site after the announcement. I hope we can count on you to attend the games.

Question from Lorenzo Frazier: I graduated from Dillard High School in 1997 and attended college for a year and a half. I'm interested in playing for your program, granted that I have 24 credit hours prior to the season's start will I be eligible to play and how many years of eligibiltiy do you think I will be granted? My second question asks are non-degree seeding students eligible to play football?

A: Your time clock started the day you enrolled in college. You will need to have your situation evaluated by an institutional compliance officer. Your situation will vary depending on Division I, Division II or Division III. If you want it evaluated by a representative of FAU you can call the main athletic department and ask for the compliance director. Non-degree seeking students are not permitted to participate at the NCAA level.

Question from Rick Hopkins: When will the FAU football schedule be released? Will FAU play in a conference? If they are apart of a conference, which conference are they a member?

A: We release our schedule February 7th as part of National Signing day. Ticket packages will also be available at that time. FAU will compete as an Independent member and will remain at that level until we move to Division I A. At that time, we will seek the conference which will align us geographically and which will allow the best opportunity to earn a national title.

Question from Trey Beam: Please give me your dates for summer camp. Bill Beam, Jr.

A: The 2001 Howard Schnellenberger Football Camp is scheduled for July 8-11 (Grades 9-12) and July 11-14 (Grades 8 and under). Camps will be both day and overnight. For more information you can call 561-297-1018.

Question from David William Zeide: I am interested in playing football. I have never played on a team before, but I think I have talent. I would not even know what position I might succeed at. I am not a student yet, but will be applying for the Fall of 2001. I probably would not make the real team but I am wondering what options are available for someone like me to have fun and play. Do you have walk ons or a junior varsity team? Or do you know any other leagues I can inquire about?

A: David, What an undertaking. It has been done before. If it is your dream, follow it. We do have tryouts and excellent coaches that could teach you the game, if your skills are there. There are other options as well. You may want to try the city football leagues or the University's intramural program. Your first step is to get admitted to the University.



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