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Time Will Tell

January 13, 2001
Boca Raton News

The 2000 college football season is complete and we find Miami, for the first time in a long time, not only ranked as the State's champion but also topping Florida State and the University of Florida in the nation. Now, all attention goes to recruitment of our 2001 football team.

Florida Atlantic University is in a much different situation than one year ago. For the first time, we're working with a full deck: a full coaching staff, a first year schedule, Pro Player Stadium, the Tom Oxley Co-Athletic Center, and an 88-member football team. All are in place where none was a year ago, giving confidence that this recruiting class will outstrip the wonderful first class.

Of 12 commitments in hand, four students are enrolled this spring semester and eight will arrive on campus in August 2001. They'll make up part of the 25 to 30 players to be signed in February.

We held back offering official visits to the 51 best prospects who will visit during the next three weekends. Made ready for occupancy between the Christmas and New Year holiday, the Tom Oxley Center provides a showcase for FAU and its athletic program. It would have been foolish to bring in prospective players without the opportunity to see this exceptional, trend-setting training facility.

During the next three weeks, we'll see nine wide receivers, seven running backs, seven defensive backs, seven linebackers, eight defensive linemen, ten offensive linemen, and three tight ends. Most, if not all, will be from The Territory. Our goal is to sign one tight end, seven offensive linemen, eight defensive linemen, four linebackers, four defensive backs, one running back, and three wide receivers. We're excited that we lost only eight players who had been scheduled to visit. Two selected Georgia Tech, two chose NC State, and the others selected Florida State, Minnesota, Iowa, and LSU.

Our anticipation grows, we lost nobody over the holiday break. It's now my turn to hit the recruiting trail. In the next three weeks, I'll find myself visiting 15 homes weekly, Sunday through Thursday. Official visits to campus will follow.

We may lose one or two players, we may pick up one or two where we didn't think we had a chance. By and large, the 30 who come with us will be among those courted since September.

Prospects look good. Only time will tell. It's not on Feb the 7th, the day we sign them, but on the final Saturday of this group's senior year. Proof will be in their success, achievements and ability to take us to a bowl game.



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