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FAU Stadium Survey
Results and Upgrades

Ticket Purchaser Statistics:

Student Ticket Holders
- 23 average age
- 88% single
- 16% children in home
- 24% attended only 1 home game

Season Ticket Holders
- 51 average age
- 64% married
- 47% children in home
- 45% attended all 6 home games
- 69% live within 20 miles of the stadium

Single Game Buyers
- 46 average age
- 53% single
- 49% children in home
- 34% attended more than one game
- 59% live within 20 miles of the stadium

How You're Hearing About Us (multiple answers were permitted)
- 42% email
- 37% FAU social media
- 28% FAU Ticket Representative, FAU website or friends and family
- 9% billboard
- 8% newspaper
- 7% radio
- 6% television

The Positives:

The feedback received through the surveys was very positive overall. Based on respondents, 69% of our ticket holders rated their overall satisfaction with their FAU stadium experience as meeting or exceeding expectations. This percentage is in line with what is seen nationally but we are not satisfied. Our goal and job will be to drive that number to 90% and beyond.

What Met and/or Exceeded Expectations (received a 70% or higher satisfaction rating):

- Restroom Convenience
- Restroom Cleanliness
- Entry Procedures
- Security Staff
- Stadium Event Customer Service
- Pregame Fan Fest
- In-game Host
- Public Address Announcer
- Marching Band Performance
- Traffic Flow Out of Campus

The Improvements:


A thorough review of the reserved parking lots was completed with the number of parking spaces available in each lot compared to the number needed to accommodate the donors or ticket holders in the lot. Where available, the size of the reserved areas were reduced in order to allow closer access to the stadium for cash or green lots.

Directional signage to parking lots will increase in number and be relocated to allow more timely notice of proper traffic flow to access appropriate lots.

There were two silver lots (east and west) previously. This caused some confusion for ticket holders when communicating tailgating locations to friends and family. The west silver lot is now color coded as yellow. Parking permit holders in both silver lots were notified and offered their choice of either the yellow or silver lot. They were then reassigned the appropriate permit to avoid future confusion. See updated game day parking diagram by clicking here.

Group rate parking was created and will be made available to all ticket holders that purchase certain group rate tickets. This reduced price parking permit must be purchased in advance as part of the group ticket program through the FAU Athletics Ticket Office and allows parking in any cash or green lot.

A competitive bid process to evaluate and identify our parking services vendor for game days was completed. This competitive bid process allowed us to review customer service concerns in a more stringent setting and required companies to present their customer service training program to us as part of the bid process.


The quantity of food offerings on the Delray Hyundai Deck was addressed resulting in the addition of Chick fil a and Rita's Italian Ice vendors.

The variety of local food providers on the lower concourse level was addressed resulting in the addition of the following vendors:

  1. Caribbean Cowboy: burgers, bar b que chicken and steak sandwiches.
  2. BC Tacos: chicken, pulled pork, steak, shrimp, spare rib and fried avocado (per requested vegetarian needs)
  3. Outside the Box Company: paninis (Philly cheesesteak, Miami Cuban), chicken Caesar wrap and salads (per requested vegetarian needs)
  4. Tomasso's: pizza by the slice, owl ball meatball sandwiches
  5. Beer Shakes: Blue Moon Creamsicle, Guinness Caramel, Double Chocolate, Abita Strawberry and Islamorada Key Lime Pie

Ticket Prices/Value-

We have maintained ticket prices for 2016 at pricing levels of 2015.

Value was added to season ticket holders by incorporating one free souvenir tub of popcorn per game for every season ticket purchased.

We have created a young alumni ticket plan to allow recent graduates (within 3 years) a more affordable Delray Hyundai Deck season ticket as well as endzone season tickets. Special, reserved parking was created for these young alumni in order to promote pregame camaraderie. Click here for more information.


We will implement a new bag check policy in 2016 which is more in line with security measures consistent with NFL stadiums. Click here to review the new policy.

We have metal detectors at entrance gates to increase security and expedite traffic flow into the stadium. To review new stadium entrance policies and procedures please here.

We reviewed survey results with our security/usher third party vendor to reinforce importance of customer service initiative and have required a written plan to implement fan friendly customer service among third party employees serving FAU ticket holders.

Additional Changes, Improvements and Initiatives for 2016:

We created an OWLin Ticket Package that makes it easier for business and/or individuals to purchase group rate tickets to donate to special interest groups being celebrated at games this season. These group rate tickets can be purchase and donated back to FAU Athletics for distribution to area youth, military and first responders making them a tax deduction for the purchaser. Click here for more information about this program.

Finally, as in years past, our marketing team has assigned a theme to each of the 6 home games. These themes are intended to acknowledge and celebrate the unique contributions made by different groups to the university and community as a whole. Examples of these are Military Appreciation Day, First Responders Day and Youth Day. For a complete list and description of the game themes as well as our game day give-a-ways please click here.

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