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December 5, 2007

Question from Justin

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you were able to get off the hard wood for ten minutes to enjoy some dinner.
What's going on with Jimmie Sutton? I heard he signed a letter of intent. Is he playing this year? Where is he even enrolled now?

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters:

Jimmie was not part of our Fall Recruiting Class. We can not discuss unsigned recruits due to NCAA regulations. But Thank you for the question and support..
Rex Walters

Comment from Max and Darlene

We followed and cheered for you when you were such a great player at KU and then you attended our church at COR in Leawood, KS. We thought you looked familiar at UMKC so I looked it up on the Florida Atlantic website. We are still KU fans but wish you well in your career, too.

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters:
Max and Darlene,
I am a Jayhawk fan too! Thanks for the kind words and email. I am rooting for the Jayhawks and am hoping for games in April.
Best wishes,
Rex Walters
p.s. We miss COR as well.
Comment from Joshua

Hey Coach,
Now that football has won the Sun Belt title, I'll be keeping a close eye on Basketball to do the same!
Make us proud! We believe in you!
Response from Head Coach Rex Walters:
Thanks Joshua! We are working on it.

Comment from Joshua
What's up Rex? I saw you on ESPN! I was half asleep on the couch and there you were. Cool! It must have been nice to play your Jayhawks. I'm sure there were a lot of memories playing on that floor.
I saw the boys at Ima's Wedding Reception in SJ. Nice to see them. Hope all is well with your family. Dawn and Logan are doing well and I've been staying out of trouble fishing the Oregon rivers.
I know you've been working hard. Keep it going and I'm sure more success is soon to follow. You're a Division I Head Coach . . . very cool.
Response from Head Coach Rex Walters:
What is going on my man? It is good to hear from you. Please say hello to Dawn and Logan for me. It sounds like you are very happy. I feel bad that I couldn't make it to Ima's wedding...it is tough to get away with the schedule. We all need to get together again soon. Great hearing from you and let's not be strangers.
Take care,

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