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November 21, 2007

Question from Alan
After the chair back seats are put in, is the Burrow going to be done for good? I heard they were putting in some luxury suites... anything else?

I thought some wall-mounted screens in the lobby replaying our best moments would be great to hype people up before/after a game... as well as give people something to watch while they're in line at the concession stand!

Also, could we show some videos of real owls diving down to attack snakes/mice/etc on the new jumbotron screen before you bring out the players... to rev up the audience at the games?

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
Thank you for the question and suggestions. The Arena is very close to being completed. Yes it is taking a very long time, but with each day we are getting closer.

I love the suggestions but unfortunately that is not something that I handle. I will make sure our athletic department sees this email and maybe it will be something that they can incorporate into the Arena and pre-game entertainment. Love the ideas though. Keep the ideas flowing!

Go Owls,
Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

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