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November 13, 2007

Question from Larry
Hi Coach,
I listen to the first game against Rhode Island and I was not impressed at all. If Monroe, Graham and Royster don't get help from the other guys it's going to be a long season. Hopefully, they will work out the kinks, because they have lots of potential. Keep up the good work.

A loyal fan

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
Thank you for your interest and support of our program. We did not play 40 minutes of FAU Basketball at Rhode Island. However, we need to remember that we had two first-year players in the starting lineup along with two freshmen coming off the bench. I was upset with the way we finished the game and our effort when we still had a chance to make a run at them in the last 10 minutes. Our defensive effort also left me upset with all the players on the team. We will get better and our young players will continue to develop and play better and better as the season goes along. Thank you again for your statements and support. We will continue to work hard to make you proud.

Go Owls,
Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

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