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October 10, 2006

Question from Eixt 39
How pumped are you to score Owens? This guy seems to be a huge sleeper. Word is programs like Texas, Virginia Tech, your “ol'boy” Doherty, Kansas, ect...where checking him out big time before you scored.

Is there anything else up your sleeve?

Is the pool drying up earlier ever year? Seems like there's more early commitments then ever before.

Are your men gonna take ok state or what? you have the talent to do it.

Response from Coach Walters


NCAA rules do not allow me to comment on Prospective Student-Athletes until they sign their National Letter of Intent. Sorry that I can not respond to you about this.

We (my staff and I) are working very hard on the recruiting trail and we are looking forward to the early signing period to begin.

Oklahoma State will be a tough game but we will work very hard to get things done. Thank you for all the kind words...we want to make all of our fans proud.

See you at the games,
Rex Walters
Head Basketball Coach
Florida Atlantic University

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