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August 29, 2007

Question from Greg
I saw that our first home game is Dec. 1st. That is also the day the football team is playing what could be a huge game against Troy. That game is at 2pm. Will the bball game be a night game? If that is the case, how about the athletic department organizing a football watch party in the Burrow prior to the bball game? I'm not sure if the football game is televised, but if it is, all it would take is a few big screen TVs and some food. That would help draw a big crowd to the new Burrow for the opener. Just a suggestion. I look forward to another exciting season!


Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
That is a great idea. We have not finalized the start time for our game, but I am pretty sure that we will not play at the same time as our football team. I will definitely mention your ideas to our Athletic Department...I like the way you think. I would also hope that we will be able to play at a time that you and the rest of our FAU fans can make it to both games! Two W's for Florida Atlantic's basketball and football teams...sounds like a great weekend to be an Owl! Thanks for the question and ideas.

Go Owls,

Coach Walters

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