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July 18, 2007

Question from John
When is the schedule going to be released?

Any updates to the FAU arena for next year?

How are the recruits looking?

Response from Coach Walters
We have yet to finalize the schedule. Once we have it completed, we will be sure to get it up on the website.

Melissa Dawson is working very hard to make improvements to our Arena and I am very hopeful that things will be completed for the coming season. We have received great support from both President Brogan and Craig Angelos, so I know that everything that could possibly be done will be.

I will get an even better read on our recruits once we can start our individual workouts. They are all very talented and will have the opportunity to play right away...if they earn it. Thanks for the email and we will continue to finish that schedule for you.


Rex Walters

Question from Greg
First of all, congrats on getting the Head Coaching job. As an FAU alum, big fan of the basketball team, and not to mention a long-time Heat fan, I could not be happier with the decision to name you to the top position!

I think you will do a great job and help take this program to new heights.

My question concerns the FAU Arena. I have heard that some improvements are being made this off-season. Is this so and if it is, what is being done? I love going to the games, but the old gym can use some improvement.

Thanks and GO OWLS!

Response from Coach Walters
Greg, You are correct! There are some arena improvements being made. They are putting chairs back in certain areas around the bottom as well as end zones. They are also trying to update the lobby in front of the building. A new score board will also go up before the season as well as trying to get our locker rooms renovated. I am excited about all of these as they will help our attendance improve even more than last year. We are all trying to do great things at FAU with our programs and facilities and appreciate your support. We hope to see you at all of our games. Thanks Greg!

Coach Walters

Question from Jack
Hey Rex..Good Luck this season. I live in Cincinnati and follow the Owls. Any chance you'll be playing close to Cincy in the near future.

Graduate of FAU in 1971

Thanks for your support. As of right now, it does not look like we will be near Cincinnati. We have changed to the Sun Belt Conference now where we will play more around the mid-west and southeast. We do have a challenging schedule with North Carolina, Oklahoma State, and Old Dominion. Games like these should prepare us well for conference action as we hope to make a run in the Sun Belt tournament and some noise in the NCAA tournament. Thanks again for the continued support and we hope to see you at a game.

Coach Walters

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