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July 6, 2006

Question from Justin

We have basically won a single non-conference game in two years, which kills our RPI.

We seem to have some legit recruits coming in.

Are these guys good enough to take down some fifty team?

How good is this team going to be? I'm sure if it were in the A-Sun we would dominate but the Sun Belt is pretty legit, where do you see us finishing?

Are the incoming recruits a significant step up from the class before Doherty came?

Good Luck, looking forward to seeing you on Tobacco Road and in Marist.

Response from Coach Walters


We are taking a Big Step with the move to the Sun Belt Conference. It is a challenge that our basketball program is looking forward to. Our Success will be determined by three things: How Hard, How Smart and How Together We Play. We are very talented on paper, but we won't be able to lay that piece of paper on the game floor and mark off a W. If we do those three things (hard, smart, together), I truly believe that we will be able to challenge every team in the Sun Belt and also our non-conference opponents. Thank you for your email and I look forward to seeing you at some games.

Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

Question from Al

What's the deal with Sutton? Will he be able to play next year or is going to have to sit out?

How's his knee?

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters

Jimmie is enrolled in summer school and is working on his academics. We will not know his eligibility status for some time. In regards to his knee, he is also working to get himself back to 100% for the start of the season. Thank you for your interest and I will let Jimmie know that there are people who are concerned about him.

Take Care,
Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

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