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June 21, 2006

Question from Scottie Jones

I am an alum, fan, and big supporter of FAU sports (especially b-ball). I just wanted to wish you much success with your upcoming season and I look forward to watching the OWLS fly high under your leadership. I have a few quick questions for you.

1. What will be your biggest challenge in your first year as a D I head ball coach?

2. What can the OWLS do to improve on last season?

3. What are your goals for your players, yourself and coaching staff in this upcoming season?

Thanks for taking time Coach and I look forward to seeing you and the OWLS in the big dance this year.

Thanks and Good Luck with the upcoming season,

Scottie Jones

Response from coach Walters


Thank you for interest in our Basketball Program. The biggest challenge that I will have in my first year of coaching is to get six returning players and eight new players (along with a new coaching staff) all on the same page. Our returning players have an idea of what we will be doing, but there will be some changes to the way we do things along with the fact that we need to take another step up in terms of how hard, how smart, and how together we play.

In terms of what we can do to improve, it really comes down to more intensity and focus in practice. I really feel that if we continue to improve each day in practice, we will see the benefits at the end of the season.

What Goals do I have for my players? I want my players to continue to take steps towards graduation. Seeing my players leave FAU with a Degree in hand would be very exciting to me. I would also like to help them prepare for life after basketball. It is the goal of this staff to help our players achieve this. It will be great to see some of our players go onto professional basketball, but I will be even more proud to see them find a career that makes them happy. The goals for this team on the basketball court will always be the same...To Be the Best Team We Can Be. If we can do this, we will hang a lot of banners, raise a lot of Trophies, and have some Ring Ceremonies.

Thank you again for your interest and I hope to see you at some games.


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