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June 18, 2007

Question from Rick
I really enjoyed watching your segment on Inside the Heat - Where Are They Now!

I know you cant comment on potential recruits specifically, etc, and that we are after some of the BEST recruits the school has ever tried to sign...in a general sense I was just wondering if you could give a broad comment on how well things are going for the 08 class?

Also, can you please ask them to update us with some fresh pix of the Arena? We would love to see the progress they have made since the last batch a while back now.

Thanks for all you pour into our program...very excited for the upcoming season...it will be here before we know it!


Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
Thanks for the email. I enjoyed watching the segment as well...brought back a lot of good memories. I played with Kevin Edwards (in New Jersey) and Dan Majerle so it was good to see what they were doing now as well.

The Class of 2008 is going good in terms of recruiting. We have about 15 kids that we are really focusing on and I would like to sign one or two at the minimum for the early signing period. We will definitely be competing with a lot of schools for these players, but we feel good with where we are at right now. I always feel that you should judge a recruit when he has finished his time here at FAU. We feel that we are ahead of the game so far but I always say that "yes means maybe and maybe means no" when it comes to recruiting. There is a lot of work still to be done.

I will make sure that our athletics department is aware that some of the photos of the arena need to be updated. They are working hard over there...it is a mess right now, but that is a good thing! I can't tell you how excited we get every time we go over there to take a look.

Thanks again for the questions and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!


Coach Walters

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