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June 12, 2007

Question from Mike
Looking back to last year, what do you think was the worst loss? UMKC? Losing to Troy in OT? Denver or UCF? A couple more w's we could've been a 20 win team. It's crazy to see how close we were. I'm just shocked on how much you accomplished in your first year with half a team most games. Your doing a great job coach, were all very appreciative of what you've done for the program.

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
All those games were tough to take. UMKC was tough because we were banged up and struggling from a confidence standpoint afterwards. Troy was tough (DeAndre Rice was as great that night by the way) because I thought we played good enough to win, but we made mistakes down the stretch. Denver is also one that hurts for a lot of reasons that I can not go into. Every loss eats at me and as a Coach you want to help your team in every way possible.

We lost a lot of games because we did not take care of business off the court. I am more confident that this will not be the case this year. Saying all of that, we are losing the best shooter/scorer in the Sun Belt (in my opinion) and the toughest player in the league. Those are big shoes to fill and some players are going to have to step up and not fill those shoes, but rather they need to do what I feel they are capable of doing. We are all excited about getting started and look forward to taking the next step as a Program.

I appreciate your kind words. This program has taken big steps forward in the last two years and so much of that has to do with having good young men/players. We will continue to bring in those types of student-athletes to Boca Raton and as we do that, we feel we will want to be playing deep into March.

Thanks for your support,

Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

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