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May 3, 2007

Question from Gus
Coach Walters:
I've noticed that the gym has been undergoing renovations. As fans what changes will we see that will not only impact the team, but also our experience enjoying the game?

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
Thank you for the question. I asked Melissa Dawson (our Associate A.D.) about this since she is overseeing the whole project and she stated the following:

"We would love to let everyone know that the renovations are moving along on schedule. The roof should be completed by this week. The old locker rooms have been gutted and their new plumbing and floor base has been completed. The lobby floor and ceiling have been removed as well as the roadway and sidewalk in the front of the building.

The first part of the renovation was the necessary evil- the roof work. For safety reasons this portion of the project had to completed prior to most of the other work. This will not be as noticeable to fans but was an item that desperately needed attention. Once this work is finalized, we will be able to see much more progress in the areas that the fans will notice. I invite everyone to track the progress of the renovation by visiting www.fausports.com and clicking on the men's basketball home page. New photos of the renovation will be added after each step that shows recognizable changes."

There is no question in my mind that when you approach "the Burrow", it will be a welcome sight! The entire exterior will be upgraded. It will be an inviting place for people to watch us (as well as our women's basketball and volleyball teams) play both the non-conference and Sun Belt opponents. The front lobby will be different with new flooring and lighting. The Chair-back seating in the lower level as well as the new Scoreboards will add to the look of the Gym. This will be a home court that we are proud of. Our teams are going to work extremely hard to make you all proud...we need ALL OF YOU to come out and support us. We are building it...we need you all to come!

Go Owls,

Coach Walters

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