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April 25, 2007

Question from Troy
Dear Coach Walters,
I must say you did a great job this season, and the basketball team is on its way up. As basketball fans I think it is necessary to support the basketball team by students being able to buy actual FAU basketball jerseys. Wearing jerseys to games especially on campus and in class does bring awareness to the team. My first question is will the basketball team be sponsored by Nike again next year? When the sports store is built within the burrow will replica made FAU basketball jerseys be available for sale? My final question is will we get newer jerseys like alternates, for instance a red or silver away jersey. Thanks for answering my questions and good luck with the team on the off season.


Response from Troy
Thank you for the email and kind words. We have had a lot of discussion on actual FAU Jerseys and we hope to have something available for the games next year. You can get a replica jersey on our FAU sports website. Regarding the alternate jerseys, we don't plan on doing an alternate jersey (although I love the way you think). However we will be ordering a new design for our home and away jerseys for next season. Thanks again for your questions and interest in FAU Basketball!

Go Owls,

Rex Walters

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